TRANSFAC FACTOR TABLE, Release 2017.2 - public - 2017-06-30, (C) QIAGEN

AC T00115 XX ID T00115 XX DT 26.10.1992 (created); ewi. DT 13.07.2012 (updated); sup. CO Copyright (C), QIAGEN. XX FA c-Ets-1 68 XX SY c-Ets-1 68; p68c-Ets-1. XX OS chick, Gallus gallus OC eukaryota; animalia; metazoa; chordata; vertebrata; aves; neornithes; neognathae; galliformes; phasianidae XX GE G045516 ETS1. XX CL C0016; ETS. XX SZ 485 AA; 55.0 kDa (cDNA) (calc.), 68 kDa (SDS) XX SQ MMSYYMDTTIGSTGPYPLARPGVMQGASSCCEDPWMPCRLQSACCPPRSCCPPWDEAAIQ SQ EVPTGLEHYSTDMECADVPLLTPSSKEMMSQALKATFSGFAKEQQRLGIPKDPQQWTETH SQ VRDWVMWAVNEFSLKGVDFQKFCMNGAALCALGKECFLELAPDFVGDILWEHLEILQKEE SQ AKPYPANGVNAAYPESRYTSDYFISYGIEHAQCVPPSEFSEPSFITESYQTLHPISSEEL SQ LSLKYENDYPSVILRDPVQTDSLQTDYFTIKQEVVTPDNMCMGRASRGKLGGQDSFESIE SQ SYDSCDRLTQSWSSQSSFQSLQRVPSYDSFDSEDYPAALPNHKPKGTFKDYVRDRADMNK SQ DKPVIPAAALAGYTGSGPIQLWQFLLELLTDKSCQSFISWTGDGWEFKLSDPDEVARRWG SQ KRKNKPKMNYEKLSRGLRYYYDKNIIHKTAGKRYVYRFVCDLQSLLGYTPEELHAMLDVK SQ PDADE XX SC Swiss-Prot#P15062 XX FT 97 180 PF02198; Sterile alpha motif (SAM)/Pointed domain. FT 97 180 SM00251; SAM2_3. FT 378 461 PF00178; Ets-domain. FT 378 463 SM00413; etsneu2. FT 379 459 PS50061; ETS_DOMAIN_3. FT 381 449 PS50140; HSF_ETS. XX SF alternative splice variant: c-Ets-1 54, differing in the N-termini; SF in addition to the mid-regional repressing domain, the C-terminal part of the molecule also inhibits DNA-binding [4]; SF phosphorylation (Ca-dependent) [3]; SF the autoinhibitory exon VII domain of c-Ets-1 is required for direct in vitro interactions with HIF-2alpha [10]; XX CP T-cells (predom.); thymocytes, bursal lymphocytes [9]. XX FF activator [11] [7] [1] [2]; FF stronger activator than p54 splice variant [1]; FF functional cooperation with AP-1 at some promoters [7] [1]; FF levels decrease after T cell induction; FF association with MafB T01433 causes inhibition of erythroid differentiation [8]; FF regulates endothelial-specific gene expression synergistically with HIF-2alpha [10] [11]; XX IN T02719 HIF2A; mouse, Mus musculus. XX MX M00743 V$CETS168_Q6. MX M08881 V$ETSLIKE_Q4. MX M00771 V$ETS_Q4. MX M00971 V$ETS_Q6. XX BS R39496. BS R02386. BS R02153. BS R01711. BS R02414. BS R02415. BS R02099. BS R04065. BS R14471. BS R14472. BS R01155. BS R02232. BS R74011. BS R74012. BS R02097. XX DR TRANSPATH: MO000024716. DR TRANSCOMPEL: C00131. DR TRANSCOMPEL: C00236. DR TRANSCOMPEL: C00265. DR TRANSCOMPEL: C00408. DR TRANSCOMPEL: C00409. DR EMBL: M20507; DR EMBL: M20508; DR EMBL: M20509; DR EMBL: M20510; DR EMBL: M20511; DR EMBL: M20512; DR EMBL: M20513; DR EMBL: M20514; DR EMBL: M20515; DR EMBL: M29515; DR UniProtKB: P15062; XX RN [1]; RE0000478. RX PUBMED: 1850695. RA Wasylyk C., Gutman A., Nicholson R., Wasylyk B. RT The c-Ets oncoprotein activates the stromelysin promoter through the same elements as several non-nuclear oncoproteins RL EMBO J. 10:1127-1134 (1991). RN [2]; RE0000479. RX PUBMED: 2209540. RA Bosselut R., Duvall J. F., Gegonne A., Bailly M., Hemar A., Brady J., Ghysdael J. RT The product of the c-ets-1 proto-oncogene and the related Ets2 protein act as transcriptional activators of the long terminal repeat of human T cell leukemia virus HTLV-1 RL EMBO J. 9:3137-3144 (1990). RN [3]; RE0000480. RX PUBMED: 3136014. RA Pognonec P., Boulukos K. E., Gesquiere J. C., Stehelin D., Ghysdael J. RT Mitogenic stimulation of thymocytes results in the calcium-dependent phosphorylation of c-ets-1 proteins RL EMBO J. 7:977-983 (1988). RN [4]; RE0000562. RX PUBMED: 1311254. RA Lim F., Kraut N., Frampton J., Graf T. RT DNA binding by c-Ets-1, but not v-Ets, is repressed by an intramolecular mechanism RL EMBO J. 11:643-652 (1992). RN [5]; RE0000614. RX PUBMED: 2163347. RA Gunther C. V., Nye J. A., Bryner R. S., Graves B. J. RT Sequence-specific DNA binding of the proto-oncoprotein ets-1 defines a transcriptional activator sequence within the long terminal repeat of the Moloney murine sarcoma virus RL Genes Dev. 4:667-679 (1990). RN [6]; RE0000799. RX PUBMED: 1592263. RA Wasylyk C., Kerckaert J.-P., Wasylyk B. RT A novel modulator domain of Ets transcription factors RL Genes Dev. 6:965-974 (1992). RN [7]; RE0001866. RX PUBMED: 2114554. RA Wasylyk B., Wasylyk C., Flores P., Begue A., Leprince D., Stehelin D. RT The c-ets proto-oncogenes encode transcription factors that cooperate with c-Fos and c-Jun for transcriptional activation RL Nature 346:191-193 (1990). RN [8]; RE0004908. RX PUBMED: 8620536. RA Sieweke M. H., Tekotte H., Frampton J., Graf T. RT MafB is an interaction partner and repressor of Ets-1 that inhibits erythroid differentiation RL Cell 85:49-60 (1996). RN [9]; RE0005308. RX PUBMED: 3006066. RA Ghysdael J., Gegonne A., Pognonec P., Dernis D., Leprince D., Stehelin D. RT Identification and preferential expression in thymic and bursal lymphocytes of a c-ets oncogene encoded Mr 54,000 cytoplasmic protein RL Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA 83:1714-1718 (1986). RN [10]; RE0023729. RX PUBMED: 12464608. RA Elvert G., Kappel A., Heidenreich R., Englmeier U., Lanz S., Acker T., Rauter M., Plate K., Sieweke M., Breier G., Flamme I. RT Cooperative interaction of hypoxia-inducible factor-2alpha (HIF-2alpha ) and Ets-1 in the transcriptional activation of vascular endothelial growth factor receptor-2 (Flk-1). RL J. Biol. Chem. 278:7520-7530 (2003). RN [11]; RE0023734. RX PUBMED: 11049987. RA Kappel A., Schlaeger T. M., Flamme I., Orkin S. H., Risau W., Breier G. RT Role of SCL/Tal-1, GATA, and ets transcription factor binding sites for the regulation of flk-1 expression during murine vascular development. RL Blood 96:3078-3085 (2000). XX //