TRANSFAC FACTOR TABLE, Release 2017.2 - public - 2017-06-30, (C) QIAGEN

AC T05840 XX ID T05840 XX DT 04.02.2004 (created); abd. DT 24.02.2015 (updated); pro. CO Copyright (C), QIAGEN. XX FA Sp3 XX SY trans-acting transcription factor 3. XX OS mouse, Mus musculus OC eukaryota; animalia; metazoa; chordata; vertebrata; tetrapoda; mammalia; eutheria; rodentia; myomorpha; muridae; murinae XX GE G009934 Sp3. XX CL C0001; CH; XX CP 3T3-L1, 3T3-L1, differentiated [5]; both untreated and PDGF treated NIH3T3 cells [1]; CMT-93 [6]. XX FF Protein level increases in the early stage of neuronal differentiation and then quickly decreases to undetectable levels 9 days after RA treatment of P-19 cell [3]; FF Sp3 expression is down-regulated during adipose differentiation [5]; FF Sp3 expression is present in undifferentiated myoblasts, but absent in differentiated myotubes [4]; XX IN T10542 p300; mouse, Mus musculus. IN T05934 REST; mouse, Mus musculus. IN T05067 Smad4; mouse, Mus musculus. XX MX M00933 V$SP1_Q2_01. MX M00932 V$SP1_Q4_01. MX M00931 V$SP1_Q6_01. MX M05665 V$SP3_02. MX M00665 V$SP3_Q3. XX BS R21007. BS R04979. BS R42047. BS R26492. BS R32211. BS R20706. BS R62786. BS R42426. BS R20423. BS R20428. BS R20673. BS R17081. BS R39494. BS R38168. BS R26491. BS R33571. BS R66416. BS R27684. BS R57783. BS R09492. BS R31850. BS R42082. BS R19641. BS R19658. BS R19659. BS R33149. BS R20721. BS R24260. BS R22331. BS R19464. BS R24283. BS R21002. BS R37822. BS R36846. BS R59500. BS R59503. BS R59504. BS R56254. BS R21022. BS R21025. BS R21028. BS R15681. BS R33314. BS R62604. BS R34068. BS R42437. BS R42439. BS R42440. BS R42442. BS R31960. BS R34178. BS R34180. BS R31619. BS R03134. BS R35063. BS R28351. BS R20579. BS R41408. BS R41411. BS R61961. BS R60354. BS R60363. BS R29206. BS R21476. BS R21478. BS R38898. BS R38899. BS R38900. BS R38901. BS R16512. BS R36634. BS R36635. BS R36636. BS R21095. BS R21705. BS R34097. BS R34098. BS R34099. BS R22237. BS R31927. BS R20981. BS R26489. BS R21492. BS R23126. BS R23127. BS R26487. BS R28951. BS R39241. BS R20811. BS R20812. BS R21431. BS R64315. BS R23815. BS R24802. BS R33562. BS R31516. BS R39225. BS R14520. BS R21489. BS R55926. BS R55931. BS R36000. BS R36002. BS R36006. BS R36010. BS R29255. BS R29256. BS R29257. BS R36429. BS R20875. BS R21083. BS R21086. BS R17108. BS R17114. BS R20491. BS R20492. BS R17197. BS R24210. BS R29448. BS R60041. BS R60044. BS R60045. BS R60047. BS R31920. BS R31922. BS R24165. BS R29100. BS R29102. BS R21101. BS R41511. BS R29531. BS R15189. BS R21249. BS R21471. BS R39473. BS R39474. BS R39475. BS R31792. BS R20393. BS R20394. BS R20395. BS R73504. BS R59815. BS R21114. BS R21115. BS R14578. BS R14579. BS R33397. BS R20232. BS R65158. BS R26356. BS R39799. BS R31910. BS R21593. BS R21598. BS R21600. BS R21601. BS R38554. BS R15944. BS R38997. BS R39000. BS R39001. BS R19660. BS R19661. BS R19662. BS R25778. BS R23859. BS R23861. BS R23863. BS R39227. BS R39231. BS R56014. BS R41680. BS R41682. BS R41685. BS R33515. BS R33516. BS R66199. BS R66201. BS R33692. BS R33698. BS R66202. BS R66203. BS R22671. BS R33677. BS R33678. BS R33679. BS R41407. BS R21791. BS R55997. BS R27724. BS R33097. BS R33098. BS R33099. BS R26493. BS R22466. BS R22467. BS R34263. BS R20510. BS R26490. BS R32206. BS R21432. BS R36559. BS R27155. BS R20806. BS R16182. BS R16545. BS R37648. BS R38284. BS R22618. BS R29239. BS R32197. BS R40454. BS R05013. XX DR TRANSPATH: MO000041066. DR TRANSCOMPEL: C00505. DR TRANSCOMPEL: C00524. DR TRANSCOMPEL: C00633. DR UniProtKB: O70494; XX RN [1]; RE0045347. RX PUBMED: 11511524. RA Maehara K., Oh-Hashi K., Isobe K. i. RT Early growth-responsive-1-dependent manganese superoxide dismutase gene transcription mediated by platelet-derived growth factor RL FASEB J. 15:2025-6 (2001). RN [2]; RE0048937. RX PUBMED: 12419227. RA Ross S., Best J. L., Zon L. I., Gill G. RT SUMO-1 modification represses Sp3 transcriptional activation and modulates its subnuclear localization. RL Mol. Cell 10:831-842 (2002). RN [3]; RE0050179. RX PUBMED: 14970236. RA Liu A., Hoffman P. W., Lu W., Bai G. RT NF-kappaB site interacts with Sp factors and up-regulates the NR1 promoter during neuronal differentiation. RL J. Biol. Chem. 279:17449-17458 (2004). RN [4]; RE0050240. RX PUBMED: 15550398. RA de Leon M. B., Montanez C., Gomez P., Morales-Lazaro S. L., Tapia-Ramirez V., Valadez-Graham V., Recillas-Targa F., Yaffe D., Nudel U., Cisneros B. RT Dystrophin Dp71 expression is down-regulated during myogenesis: role of Sp1 and Sp3 on the Dp71 promoter activity. RL J. Biol. Chem. 280:5290-5299 (2005). RN [5]; RE0050750. RX PUBMED: 16394508. RA Wada T., Shimba S., Tezuka M. RT Transcriptional regulation of the hypoxia inducible factor-2alpha (HIF-2alpha) gene during adipose differentiation in 3T3-L1 cells. RL Biol. Pharm. Bull. 29:49-54 (2006). RN [6]; RE0052176. RX PUBMED: 14570593. RA Jonckheere N., van der Sluis M., Velghe A., Buisine M. P., Sutmuller M., Ducourouble M. P., Pigny P., Buller H. A., Aubert J. P., Einerhand A. W., Van Seuningen I. RT Transcriptional activation of the murine Muc5ac mucin gene in epithelial cancer cells by TGF-beta/Smad4 signalling pathway is potentiated by Sp1. RL Biochem. J. 377:797-808 (2004). RN [7]; RE0063616. RX PUBMED: 18793716. RA Harris S. M., Harvey E. J., Hughes T. R., Ramji D. P. RT The interferon-gamma-mediated inhibition of lipoprotein lipase gene transcription in macrophages involves casein kinase 2- and phosphoinositide-3-kinase-mediated regulation of transcription factors Sp1 and Sp3. RL Cell. Signal. 20:2296-2301 (2008). RN [8]; RE0066993. RX PUBMED: 19843539. RA Reichman S., Kalathur R. K., Lambard S., Ait-Ali N., Yang Y., Lardenois A., Ripp R., Poch O., Zack D. J., Sahel J. A., Leveillard T. RT The homeobox gene CHX10/VSX2 regulates RdCVF promoter activity in the inner retina. RL Hum. Mol. Genet. 19:250-261 (2010). XX //