TRANSFAC FACTOR TABLE, Release 2017.2 - public - 2017-06-30, (C) QIAGEN

AC T16049 XX ID T16049 XX DT 10.03.2005 (created); nvo. DT 02.09.2015 (updated); hna. CO Copyright (C), QIAGEN. XX FA SREBP-2 XX OS Mammalia OC Eukaryota; Metazoa; Chordata; Craniata; Vertebrata; Euteleostomi; Mammalia XX FF reduced HDC promoter activity [10]; FF gastrin treatment reduced the DNA binding activity of SREBP-2 [10]; XX IN T09538 Smad3; Mammalia. IN T08326 Sp1; Mammalia. XX MX M01177 V$SREBP2_Q6. MX M03852 V$SREBP2_Q6_01. MX M00776 V$SREBP_Q3. MX M01168 V$SREBP_Q6. XX BS R24183. BS R63392. BS R63397. BS R63400. BS R69490. BS R69491. BS R58267. BS R58281. BS R58282. BS R58283. BS R58284. BS R30548. BS R30549. BS R28449. BS R31277. BS R41721. BS R41725. BS R70834. BS R70836. BS R70837. BS R70838. BS R70839. BS R70840. BS R70841. BS R70842. BS R63402. BS R27982. BS R27983. BS R31590. BS R21067. BS R30552. XX DR TRANSPATH: MO000046925. DR TRANSCOMPEL: C00566. XX RN [1]; RE0029395. RX PUBMED: 10627507. RA Kotzka J., Muller-Wieland D., Roth G., Kremer L., Munck M., Schurmann S., Knebel B., Krone W. RT Sterol regulatory element binding proteins (SREBP)-1a and SREBP-2 are linked to the MAP-kinase cascade. RL J. Lipid Res. 41:99-108 (2000). RN [2]; RE0035600. RX PUBMED: 10801800. RA Moon Y. A., Lee J. J., Park S. W., Ahn Y. H., Kim K. S. RT The roles of sterol regulatory element-binding proteins in the transactivation of the rat ATP citrate-lyase promoter. RL J. Biol. Chem. 275:30280-30286 (2000). RN [3]; RE0037392. RX PUBMED: 10805775. RA Ye J., Dave U. P., Grishin N. V., Goldstein J. L., Brown M. S. RT Asparagine-proline sequence within membrane-spanning segment of SREBP triggers intramembrane cleavage by site-2 protease RL Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA 97:5123-8 (2000). RN [4]; RE0038571. RX PUBMED: 12855700. RA Misawa K., Horiba T., Arimura N., Hirano Y., Inoue J., Emoto N., Shimano H., Shimizu M., Sato R. RT Sterol regulatory element-binding protein-2 interacts with hepatocyte nuclear factor-4 to enhance sterol isomerase gene expression in hepatocytes RL J. Biol. Chem. 278:36176-82 (2003). RN [5]; RE0041768. RX PUBMED: 14654352. RA Rampler H., Weinhofer I., Netik A., Forss-Petter S., Brown P. J., Oplinger J. A., Bugaut M., Berger J. RT Evaluation of the therapeutic potential of PPARalpha agonists for X-linked adrenoleukodystrophy RL Mol. Genet. Metab. 80:398-407 (2003). RN [6]; RE0043227. RX PUBMED: 12923220. RA Shechter I., Dai P., Huo L., Guan G. RT IDH1 gene transcription is sterol regulated and activated by SREBP-1a and SREBP-2 in human hepatoma HepG2 cells: evidence that IDH1 may regulate lipogenesis in hepatic cells RL J. Lipid Res. 44:2169-80 (2003). RN [7]; RE0043449. RX PUBMED: 12640139. RA Giandomenico V., Simonsson M., Gronroos E., Ericsson J. RT Coactivator-dependent acetylation stabilizes members of the SREBP family of transcription factors RL Mol. Cell. Biol. 23:2587-99 (2003). RN [8]; RE0044593. RX PUBMED: 12202038. RA Yang T., Espenshade P. J., Wright M. E., Yabe D., Gong Y., Aebersold R., Goldstein J. L., Brown M. S. RT Crucial step in cholesterol homeostasis: sterols promote binding of SCAP to INSIG-1, a membrane protein that facilitates retention of SREBPs in ER RL Cell 110:489-500 (2002). RN [9]; RE0052431. RX PUBMED: 16571675. RA Du X., Kristiana I., Wong J., Brown A. J. RT Involvement of Akt in ER-to-Golgi transport of SCAP/SREBP: a link between a key cell proliferative pathway and membrane synthesis. RL Mol. Biol. Cell 17:2735-2745 (2006). RN [10]; RE0047999. RX PUBMED: 16357063. RA Ai W., Liu Y., Wang T. C. RT Yin yang 1 (YY1) represses histidine decarboxylase gene expression with SREBP-1a in part through an upstream Sp1 site. RL Am. J. Physiol. Gastrointest. Liver Physiol. 290:G1096-104 (2006). XX //