TRANSFAC FACTOR TABLE, Release 2017.2 - public - 2017-06-30, (C) QIAGEN

AC T08327 XX ID T08327 XX DT 28.12.2005 (created); sla_home. DT 13.06.2016 (updated); mom. CO Copyright (C), QIAGEN. XX FA Sp3 XX SY Transcription factor Sp3. XX OS Mammalia OC Eukaryota; Metazoa; Chordata; Craniata; Vertebrata; Euteleostomi; Mammalia XX CL C0001; CH. XX FF there is a strong synergism between Sp3 and sp1 [5]; XX IN T03489 Crx; cattle, Bos taurus. IN T10214 GABP-alpha; mouse, Mus musculus. IN T30592 Msx-1; Mammalia. IN T17092 Msx-2; Mammalia. IN T08563 NF-YA; Mammalia. IN T23091 p300; Mammalia. XX MX M00933 V$SP1_Q2_01. MX M00932 V$SP1_Q4_01. MX M00931 V$SP1_Q6_01. MX M00665 V$SP3_Q3. XX BS R42037. BS R20876. BS R29164. BS R33751. BS R33770. BS R21728. BS R21729. BS R31947. BS R31948. BS R31949. BS R31950. BS R18660. BS R18806. BS R21183. BS R21185. BS R29690. BS R36232. BS R66416. BS R33778. BS R37561. BS R37562. BS R37563. BS R25712. BS R21015. BS R21017. BS R26226. BS R19641. BS R21705. BS R21249. BS R21281. BS R18736. BS R38587. BS R38596. BS R38597. BS R38598. BS R38345. BS R32815. BS R04431. BS R18847. BS R18848. BS R18849. BS R18850. BS R18851. BS R18852. BS R18882. BS R20806. BS R21091. BS R63062. BS R28991. BS R31954. XX DR TRANSPATH: MO000056643. DR TRANSCOMPEL: C00505. DR TRANSCOMPEL: C00529. DR TRANSCOMPEL: C00578. DR TRANSCOMPEL: C00591. DR TRANSCOMPEL: C00650. XX RN [1]; RE0028908. RX PUBMED: 9819371. RA Srivastava S., Weitzmann M. N., Kimble R. B., Rizzo M., Zahner M., Milbrandt J., Ross F. P., Pacifici R. RT Estrogen blocks M-CSF gene expression and osteoclast formation by regulating phosphorylation of Egr-1 and its interaction with Sp-1. RL J. Clin. Invest. 102:1850-9 (1998). RN [2]; RE0048937. RX PUBMED: 12419227. RA Ross S., Best J. L., Zon L. I., Gill G. RT SUMO-1 modification represses Sp3 transcriptional activation and modulates its subnuclear localization. RL Mol. Cell 10:831-842 (2002). RN [3]; RE0067312. RX PUBMED: 18065760. RA Poree B., Kypriotou M., Chadjichristos C., Beauchef G., Renard E., Legendre F., Melin M., Gueret S., Hartmann D. J., Mallein-Gerin F., Pujol J. P., Boumediene K., Galera P. RT Interleukin-6 (IL-6) and/or soluble IL-6 receptor down-regulation of human type II collagen gene expression in articular chondrocytes requires a decrease of Sp1.Sp3 ratio and of the binding activity of both factors to the COL2A1 promoter. RL J. Biol. Chem. 283:4850-4865 (2008). RN [4]; RE0068365. RX PUBMED: 19522013. RA Chan K. K., Zhang J., Chia N. Y., Chan Y. S., Sim H. S., Tan K. S., Oh S. K., Ng H. H., Choo A. B. RT KLF4 and PBX1 directly regulate NANOG expression in human embryonic stem cells. RL Stem Cells 27:2114-2125 (2009). RN [5]; RE0035613. RX PUBMED: 10744779. RA Bakovic M., Waite K. A., Vance D. E. RT Functional significance of Sp1, Sp2, and Sp3 transcription factors in regulation of the murine CTP:phosphocholine cytidylyltransferase alpha promoter. RL J. Lipid Res. 41:583-594 (2000). XX //