TRANSFAC FACTOR TABLE, Release 2017.2 - public - 2017-06-30, (C) QIAGEN

AC T00681 XX ID T00681 XX DT 16.12.1992 (created); ewi. DT 04.04.2016 (updated); sup. CO Copyright (C), QIAGEN. XX FA Pax-6 XX SY mPax-6; mPax6; Pax-6; PAX6; Sey; Small eye. XX OS mouse, Mus musculus OC eukaryota; animalia; metazoa; chordata; vertebrata; tetrapoda; mammalia; eutheria; rodentia; myomorpha; muridae; murinae XX GE G009200 Pax6. XX CL C0018; paired-homeo; XX SF the expression of Pax-6 and Vax-1 is complementary and exclusive in the forebrain [15]; XX CP (embryo 8 days:) surface- and neuroectoderm [9]; (embryo 8.5 days:) forebrain (prosencephalon) and spinal cord [3]; (embryo 9.0:) telencephalon, diencephalon, neural tube, optic vesicle, pancreas [5]; (adult:) lens, brain, pancreas endocrine cells [7] [5] [7] [9] [3] [5]; alpha TN4-1, mouse lens and brain cells [6]. CN (every stage:) pancreas exocrine tissue [5]; (adult:) lung, adipose tissue [7] [7] [5]. EX central nervous system,,,Theiler Stage 12; very low; RNA-in situ hybridization (not further specified); RNA (undefined); [23]. EX cornea,,,Theiler Stage 19; high; RNA-in situ hybridization (not further specified); RNA (undefined); [23]. EX cornea,,,Theiler Stage 26; high; RNA-in situ hybridization (not further specified); RNA (undefined); [23]. EX future diencephalon,,,Theiler Stage 14; none; RNA-in situ hybridization (not further specified); RNA (undefined); [23]. EX lens,,,Theiler Stage 19; high; RNA-in situ hybridization (not further specified); RNA (undefined); [23]. EX lens,,,Theiler Stage 26; high; RNA-in situ hybridization (not further specified); RNA (undefined); [23]. EX optic stalk,,,Theiler Stage 14; none; RNA-in situ hybridization (not further specified); RNA (undefined); [23]. EX optic vesicle,,,Theiler Stage 13; very high; RNA-in situ hybridization (not further specified); RNA (undefined); [23]. EX optic vesicle,,,Theiler Stage 14; none; RNA-in situ hybridization (not further specified); RNA (undefined); [23]. EX ventral edge of the headfold,,,Theiler Stage 12; detectable; RNA-in situ hybridization (not further specified); RNA (undefined); [23]. XX FF heterozygous mutants have small eyes (Sey) and die a few minutes after birth [5] [1]; FF essential role in the development and function of glucagon-producing cells in both pancreatic and intestinal endodermal lineages [10]; FF lens-specific expression of zeta-crystallin [7]; FF eye and nasal development [8]; FF acts directly and cell autonomously, may promote cell surface changes and affect cell adhesion [8] [11]; FF human Pax-6 can rescue the Sey defects, overexpression causes severe eye abnormalities [9]; FF differentiation of endocrine cells in pancreas: Pax-6 alone creates glucagon-producing alpha cells whereas Pax-6 together with Pax-4 creates beta, gamma and delta cells [5]; FF double mutants lacking both Pax-4/Pax-6 fail to develop any mature endocrine cells [5]; FF abnormal islet formation in pancreas [4] [5]; FF Pax-6 (but not mutant Pax-6-Sey-Neu) binds to islet hormone promoters (glucagon, insulin, somastatin) and operates as activator) [4]; FF Pax-4 can act competitive to Pax-6 as a repressor of islet hormone promoters [12] [13]; XX IN T09212 c-MAF; mouse, Mus musculus. IN T09217 MafB; mouse, Mus musculus. IN T10542 p300; mouse, Mus musculus. IN T01423 pRb; mouse, Mus musculus. IN T08441 Sox-10; rat, Rattus norvegicus. IN T00796 TBP; mouse, Mus musculus. XX MX M00097 V$PAX6_01. MX M01391 V$PAX6_02. MX M00979 V$PAX6_Q2. MX M00808 V$PAX_Q6. XX BS R25971. BS R56299. BS R08514. BS R27939. BS R31195. BS R31196. BS R27935. BS R72445. BS R72440. BS R72444. BS R30053. BS R65551. BS R31528. BS R20298. BS R20299. BS R72441. BS R58219. BS R58221. BS R25891. BS R25892. BS R20308. BS R20370. BS R20372. BS R65630. BS R65632. BS R19683. BS R19687. BS R61833. BS R61835. BS R62920. BS R62928. BS R25152. BS R25153. BS R25154. BS R25156. BS R25157. BS R60633. BS R57672. BS R57669. BS R35228. BS R33134. BS R72709. BS R33137. BS R33138. BS R33139. BS R57663. BS R30606. BS R30608. BS R30609. BS R40704. BS R57658. BS R19240. BS R65549. BS R65555. BS R65556. BS R63282. BS R63338. BS R63567. BS R63569. BS R63570. BS R63582. BS R63587. BS R63588. BS R63589. BS R63348. BS R63349. BS R63351. BS R63354. BS R63357. BS R63360. BS R63361. BS R63364. BS R63365. BS R63366. BS R63367. BS R63369. BS R63371. BS R63375. BS R63376. BS R63380. BS R63385. BS R63386. BS R63389. BS R63394. BS R63395. BS R63399. BS R63401. BS R63417. BS R63427. BS R63428. BS R63432. BS R63433. BS R63442. BS R63443. BS R63450. BS R63474. BS R63478. BS R63479. BS R63496. BS R63498. BS R63501. BS R63502. BS R63510. BS R63517. BS R63518. BS R63529. BS R65281. BS R65284. BS R30814. BS R30815. BS R04730. BS R00582. BS R08704. BS R19509. BS R20688. BS R25062. BS R57660. BS R00898. BS R41273. BS R41274. BS R33140. BS R33141. XX DR TRANSPATH: MO000025102. DR TRANSCOMPEL: C00455. DR PATHODB: MT000079. DR PATHODB: MT009088. DR UniProtKB: P63015; XX RN [1]; RE0002821. RX PUBMED: 1684639. RA Hill R. E., Favor J., Hogan B. L. M., Ton C. C. T., Saunders G. F., Hanson I. M., Prosser J., Jordan T., Hastie N. D., van Heyningen V. RT Mouse Small eye results from mutations in a paired-like homeobox-containing gene RL Nature 354:522-525 (1991). RN [2]; RE0004257. RX PUBMED: 1685142. RA Walther C., Guenet J. L., Simon D., Deutsch U., Jostes B., Goulding M. D., Plachov D., Balling R., Gruss P. RT Pax: a murine multigene family of paired box-containing genes RL Genomics 11:424-434 (1991). RN [3]; RE0004258. RX PUBMED: 1687460. RA Walther C., Gruss P. RT Pax-6, a murine paired box gene, is expressed in the developing CNS RL Development 113:1435-1449 (1991). RN [4]; RE0006040. RX PUBMED: 9224716. RA Sander M., Neubueser A., Kalamaras J., Ee H. C., Martin G. R., German M. S. RT Genetic analysis reveals that PAX6 is required for normal transcription of pancreatic hormone genes and islet development RL Genes Dev. 11:1662-1673 (1997). RN [5]; RE0006130. RX PUBMED: 9163426. RA St-Onge L., Sosa-Pineda B., Chowdhury K., Mansouri A., Gruss P. RT Pax6 is required for differentiation of glucagon-producing alpha -cells in mouse pancreas RL Nature 387:406-409 (1997). RN [6]; RE0010109. RX PUBMED: 7823934. RA Cvekl A., Kashanchi F., Sax C. M., Brady J. N., Piatigorsky J. RT Transcriptional regulation of the mouse alpha A-crystallin gene: activation dependent on a cyclic AMP-responsive element ( DE1/CRE ) and a Pax-6-binding site RL Mol. Cell. Biol. 15:653-660 (1995). RN [7]; RE0011033. RX PUBMED: 7753863. RA Richardson J., Cvekl A., Wistow G. RT Pax-6 is essential for lens-specific expression of zeta-crystallin RL Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA 92:4676-4680 (1995). RN [8]; RE0012625. RX PUBMED: 8600027. RA Quinn J. C., West J. D., Hill R. E. RT Multiple functions for Pax6 in mouse eye and nasal development RL Genes Dev. 10:435-446 (1996). RN [9]; RE0012695. RX PUBMED: 8689689. RA Schedl A., Ross A., Lee M., Engelkamp D., Rashbass P., van Heyningen V., Hastie N. D. RT Influence of PAX6 gene dosage on development: overexpression causes sevre eye abnormalities RL Cell 86:71-82 (1996). RN [10]; RE0013854. RX PUBMED: 10478839. RA Hill M. E., Asa S. L., Drucker D. J. RT Essential requirement for Pax6 in control of enteroendocrine proglucagon gene transcription RL Mol. Endocrinol. 13:1474-1486 (1999). RN [11]; RE0014020. RX PUBMED: 7917011. RA Chalepakis G., Wijnholds J., Giese P., Schachner M., Gruss P. RT Characterization of Pax-6 and Hoxa-1 binding to the promoter region of the neural cell adhesion molecule L1 RL DNA Cell Biol. 13:891-900 (1994). RN [12]; RE0014123. RX PUBMED: 10567553. RA Fujitani Y., Kajimoto Y., Yasuda T., Matsuoka T. A., Kaneto H., Umayahara Y., Fujita N., Watada H., Miyazaki J. I., Yamasaki Y., Hori M. RT Identification of a portable repression domain and an E1A-responsive activation domain in Pax4: a possible role of Pax4 as a transcriptional repressor in the pancreas RL Mol. Cell. Biol. 19:8281-8291 (1999). RN [13]; RE0014138. RX PUBMED: 10567552. RA Smith S. B., Ee H. C., Conners J. R., German M. S. RT Paired-homeodomain transcription factor PAX4 acts as a transcriptional repressor in early pancreatic development RL Mol. Cell. Biol. 19:8272-8280 (1999). RN [14]; RE0014292. RX PUBMED: 10717483. RA Zhou Y., Zheng J. B., Gu X., Li W., Saunders G. F. RT A novel Pax-6 binding site in rodent B1 repetitive elements: coevolution between developmental regulation and repeated elements RL Gene 245:319-328 (2000). RN [15]; RE0014449. RX PUBMED: 9636075. RA Hallonet M., Hollemann T., Wehr R., Jenkins N. A., Copeland N. G., Pieler T., Gruss P. RT Vax1 is a novel homeobox-containing gene expressed in the developing anterior ventral forebrain RL Development 125:2599-2610 (1998). RN [16]; RE0047961. RX PUBMED: 15143176. RA Ploski J. E., Shamsher M. K., Radu A. RT Paired-type homeodomain transcription factors are imported into the nucleus by karyopherin 13. RL Mol. Cell. Biol. 24:4824-4834 (2004). RN [17]; RE0047965. RX PUBMED: 10748034. RA Kovac C. R., Emelyanov A., Singh M., Ashouian N., Birshtein B. K. RT BSAP (Pax5)-importin alpha 1 (Rch1) interaction identifies a nuclear localization sequence. RL J. Biol. Chem. 275:16752-16757 (2000). RN [18]; RE0047972. RX PUBMED: 10506141. RA Hussain M. A., Habener J. F. RT Glucagon gene transcription activation mediated by synergistic interactions of pax-6 and cdx-2 with the p300 co-activator. RL J. Biol. Chem. 274:28950-28957 (1999). RN [19]; RE0048297. RX PUBMED: 10359315. RA Cvekl A., Kashanchi F., Brady J. N., Piatigorsky J. RT Pax-6 interactions with TATA-box-binding protein and retinoblastoma protein. RL Invest. Ophthalmol. Vis. Sci. 40:1343-1350 (1999). RN [20]; RE0048308. RX PUBMED: 16582099. RA Wissmuller S., Kosian T., Wolf M., Finzsch M., Wegner M. RT The high-mobility-group domain of Sox proteins interacts with DNA-binding domains of many transcription factors. RL Nucleic Acids Res. 34:1735-1744 (2006). RN [21]; RE0066921. RX PUBMED: 11790784. RA Chauhan B. K., Reed N. A., Zhang W., Duncan M. K., Kilimann M. W., Cvekl A. RT Identification of genes downstream of Pax6 in the mouse lens using cDNA microarrays. RL J. Biol. Chem. 277:11539-11548 (2002). RN [22]; RE0068456. RX PUBMED: 20592023. RA Gosmain Y., Marthinet E., Cheyssac C., Guerardel A., Mamin A., Katz L. S., Bouzakri K., Philippe J. RT Pax6 Controls the Expression of Critical Genes Involved in Pancreatic {alpha} Cell Differentiation and Function. RL J. Biol. Chem. 285:33381-33393 (2010). RN [23]; RE0014693. RX PUBMED: 9096350. RA Furukawa T., Kozak C. A., Cepko C. L. RT rax, a novel paired-type homeobox gene, shows expression in the anterior neural fold and developing retina RL Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA 94:3088-3093 (1997). XX //