TRANSFAC FACTOR TABLE, Release 2017.2 - public - 2017-06-30, (C) QIAGEN

AC T01696 XX ID T01696 XX DT 05.03.1996 (created); ewi. DT 17.09.2014 (updated); yre. CO Copyright (C), QIAGEN. XX FA HOXA1 XX SY ERA-1; Hox-1.6; Hox1-y; HOX1F (human); Hoxa-1; Xhox.lab2 (Xenopus). XX OS mouse, Mus musculus OC eukaryota; animalia; metazoa; chordata; vertebrata; tetrapoda; mammalia; eutheria; rodentia; myomorpha; muridae; murinae XX GE G001826 Hoxa1. XX HO Lab (Drosophila) T02064. XX CL C0006; homeo; XX SF the splice variant originally designated ERA-1-399 encodes a 133 AA peptide that lacks the homeo domain [2]; SF no specifically binding DNA sequence could be selected unless positions 226/227 (N-terminal arm of homeo domain) were replaced by the corresponding residues of HOXD4 [7]; SF interaction HOXA1/Pbx-1 [9] [10]; SF retinoic acid induced by downstream enhancer containing a RARE (retinoic acid responsive element) [11]; XX FF potential trans-activator [7]; FF most anterior expression boundary among HOX A cluster genes [3] [4]; FF specifies neurogenic cell of the neural crest before HOXA3 specifies mesenchymal neural crest cells [3] [4]; FF disruption of HOXA1 gene causes lack of rhombomeres and defective development of ear, hindbrain, cranial nerves, ganglia [4] [5] [6]; FF HOXA1 in conjunction with Pbx-1 can activate rhombomere-specific expression of Eph receptors [9]; XX IN T04954 HELIOS; human, Homo sapiens. IN T03331 Hox-D3; human, Homo sapiens. IN T11379 Hox-D3; human, Homo sapiens. IN T01695 HOXA1; human, Homo sapiens. IN T23884 HSFY1; human, Homo sapiens. IN T02767 Nur77; human, Homo sapiens. IN T02413 pitx2; human, Homo sapiens. IN T02336 PLZF; human, Homo sapiens. IN T20070 PRDM14; human, Homo sapiens. IN T20071 PRDM14; human, Homo sapiens. IN T19381 TZFP; human, Homo sapiens. IN T19382 TZFP; human, Homo sapiens. IN T21253 ZZZ3; human, Homo sapiens. XX MX M01487 V$HOXA1_01. XX DR TRANSPATH: MO000025878. DR UniProtKB: P09022; XX RN [1]; RE0003857. RX PUBMED: 2891503. RA Baron A., Featherstone M. S., Hill R. E., Hall A., Galliot B., Duboule D. RT Hox-1.6: a mouse homeo-box-containing gene member of the Hox-1 complex RL EMBO J. 6:2977-2986 (1987). RN [2]; RE0003858. RX PUBMED: 2906112. RA LaRosa G. J., Gudas L. J. RT Early retinoic acid-induced F9 teratocarcinoma stem cell gene ERA-1: Alternate splicing creates transcripts for a homeobox- containing protein and one lacking the homeobox RL Mol. Cell. Biol. 8:3906-3917 (1988). RN [3]; RE0003859. RX PUBMED: 2569969. RA Duboule D., Dolle P. RT The structural and functional organization of the murine HOX gene family resembles that of Drosophila homeotic genes RL EMBO J. 8:1497-1505 (1989). RN [4]; RE0003860. RX PUBMED: 1680563. RA Lufkin T., Dierich A., LeMeur M., Mark M., Chambon P. RT Disruption of the Hox-1.6 homeobox gene results in defects in a region corresponding to its rostral domain of expression RL Cell 66:1105-1119 (1991). RN [5]; RE0003861. RX PUBMED: 1346922. RA Chisaka O., Musci T. S., Capecchi M. R. RT Developmental defects of the ear, cranial nerves and hindbrain resulting from targeted disruption of the mouse homeobox gene Hox-1.6 RL Nature 355:516-521 (1992). RN [6]; RE0003862. RX PUBMED: 8102800. RA Dolle P., Lufkin T., Krumlauf R., Mark M., Duboule D., Chambon P. RT Local alterations of Krox-20 and Hox gene expression in the hindbrain suggest lack of rhombomeres 4 and 5 in homozygote null Hoxa-1 (Hox-1.6) mutant embryos RL Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA 90:7666-7670 (1993). RN [7]; RE0003863. RX PUBMED: 7913516. RA Phelan M. L., Sadoul R., Featherstone M. S. RT Functional differences between HOX proteins conferred by two residues in the homeodomain N-terminal arm RL Mol. Cell. Biol. 14:5066-5075 (1994). RN [8]; RE0014020. RX PUBMED: 7917011. RA Chalepakis G., Wijnholds J., Giese P., Schachner M., Gruss P. RT Characterization of Pax-6 and Hoxa-1 binding to the promoter region of the neural cell adhesion molecule L1 RL DNA Cell Biol. 13:891-900 (1994). RN [9]; RE0014613. RX PUBMED: 9733765. RA Chen J., Ruley H. E. RT An enhancer element in the EphA2 (Eck) gene sufficient for rhombomere-specific expression is activated by HOXA1 and HOXB1 homeobox proteins RL J. Biol. Chem. 273:24670-24675 (1998). RN [10]; RE0014614. RX PUBMED: 8763497. RA Mann R. S., Chan S. K. RT Extra specificity from extradenticle: the partnership between HOX and PBX/EXD homeodomain proteins RL Trends Genet. 12:258-262 (1996). RN [11]; RE0014859. RX PUBMED: 1360810. RA Langston A. W., Gudas L. J. RT Identification of a retinoic acid responsive enhancer 3' of the murine homeobox gene Hox-1.6 RL Mech. Dev. 38:217-227 (1992). XX //