TRANSFAC FACTOR TABLE, Release 2017.2 - public - 2017-06-30, (C) QIAGEN

AC T17580 XX ID T17580 XX DT 01.01.1999 (created); ili. DT 11.08.2014 (updated); yre. CO Copyright (C), QIAGEN. XX FA SATB1 XX SY L2a-P1; special AT-rich sequence binding protein 1. XX OS mouse, Mus musculus OC eukaryota; animalia; metazoa; chordata; vertebrata; tetrapoda; mammalia; eutheria; rodentia; myomorpha; muridae; murinae XX GE G002305 Satb1. XX HO human SATB1. XX CL C0006; homeo; XX SF phosphorylated [1]; SF binds as a monomer [1]; SF shares 67% overall sequence homology with SATB2 [10]; XX CP predominantly in thymus [1]. XX FF has a cage-like 'network' distribution in thymocyte nuclei [8]; FF its 'network' resists salt extraction [8]; FF in thymocytes all in vivo SATB1 binding sites become chromatin-loop bases by anchoring to its network, thereby genes found within 4-60 kB of the binding sites become inducible on stimulation while others are activated or repressed [8]; FF shown to mediate the formation of a special histone code over a restricted region containing genes whose expression is SATB1-dependent [8]; FF assembles protein complexes containing factors found in CHRAC/ACF and NURD complexes [9]; FF ablation leads to dysregulated transcription of IL-7Ralpha, IL-2Ralpha, Mig, c-myc, APC, TSG101, T160, GABP, PD-1 RIP and TDAG51 genes in thymocytes [5]; FF necessary for T-cell development and function [5]; FF knockout mice showed growth retardation as early as 3 days after birth, had much smaller thymus, spleen and lymph nodes than wild type mice and did not survive weaning [5]; FF may have a role in neurological function [5]; FF interacts in vitro and in vivo with CDP T00100 [6]; FF may regulate CDP and may be regulated by CDP T00100 via protein-protein interaction [6]; XX IN T00100 CDP; human, Homo sapiens. IN T23418 HDAC1; mouse, Mus musculus. IN T14288 PLZF; Mammalia. IN T01836 Sox-2; mouse, Mus musculus. XX MX M01723 V$SATB1_Q3. MX M03564 V$SATB1_Q5_01. XX BS R62148. BS R62146. BS R62147. BS R32513. BS R32512. XX DR TRANSPATH: MO000056071. DR SMARTDB: SB000001. DR UniProtKB: Q60611; SAB1_MOUSE. XX RN [1]; RE0006986. RX PUBMED: 8114718. RA Nakagomi K., Kohwi Y., Dickinson L. A., Kohwi-Shigematsu T. RT A novel DNA-binding motif in the nuclear matrix attachment DNA-binding protein SATB1 RL Mol. Biol. Cell 14:1852-1860 (1994). RN [2]; RE0007005. RX PUBMED: 7559473. RA Wang B., Dickinson L. A., Koivunen E., Ruoslahti E., Kohwi-Shigematsu T. RT A novel matrix attachment region DNA binding motif identified using a random phage peptide library RL J. Biol. Chem. 270:23239-23242 (1995). RN [3]; RE0007007. RX PUBMED: 7799955. RA Dickinson L. A., Kohwi-Shigematsu T. RT Nucleolin is a matrix attachment region DNA-binding protein that specifically recognizes a region with high base-unpairing potential RL Mol. Cell. Biol. 15:456-465 (1995). RN [4]; RE0007081. RX PUBMED: 9218488. RA Banan M., Rojas I. C., Lee W. H., King H. L., Harriss J.V., Kobayashi R., Web C. F., Gottlieb P. D. RT Interaction of the nuclear matrix-associated region (MAR)-binding proteins, SATB1 and CDP/Cux, with a MAR element (L2a) in an upstream regulatory region of the mouse CD8a gene RL J. Biol. Chem. 272:18440-18452 (1997). RN [5]; RE0014989. RX PUBMED: 10716941. RA Alvarez J. D., Yasui D. H., Niida H., Joh T., Loh D. Y., Kohwi-Shigematsu T. RT The MAR-binding protein SATB1 orchestrates temporal and spatial expression of multiple genes during T-cell development RL Genes Dev. 14:521-535 (2000). RN [6]; RE0015021. RX PUBMED: 10373541. RA Liu J., Barnett A., Neufeld E. J., Dudley J. P. RT Homeoproteins CDP and SATB1interact: potential for tissue-specific regulation RL Mol. Cell. Biol. 19:4918-4926 (1999). RN [7]; RE0015033. RX PUBMED: 9792700. RA Chattopadhyay S., Whitehurst C. E., Chen J. RT A nuclear matrix attachment region upstream of the T cell receptor beta gene enhancer binds Cux/CDP and SATB1 and modulates enhancer-dependent reporter gene expression but not endogenous gene expression RL J. Biol. Chem. 273:29838-29846 (1998). RN [8]; RE0023958. RX PUBMED: 12692553. RA Cai S., Han H.-J., Kohwi-Shigematsu T. RT Tissue-specific nuclear architecture and gene expression regulated by SATB1 RL Nat. Genet. 34:42-51 (2003). RN [9]; RE0023973. RX PUBMED: 12374985. RA Yasui D., Miyano M., Cai S., Varga-Weisz P., Kohwi-Shigematsu T. RT SATB1 targets chromatin remodelling to regulate genes over long distances RL Nature 419:641-645 (2002). RN [10]; RE0025191. RX PUBMED: 14701874. RA Dobreva G., Dambacher J., Grosschedl R. RT SUMO modification of a novel MAR-binding protein, SATB2, modulates immunoglobulin mu gene expression RL Genes Dev. 17:3048-3061 (2003). XX //