TRANSFAC FACTOR TABLE, Release 2017.2 - public - 2017-06-30, (C) QIAGEN

AC T02338 XX ID T02338 XX DT 28.01.1998 (created); ili. DT 12.08.2015 (updated); jmh. CO Copyright (C), QIAGEN. XX FA Sp3 XX SY SP-3; SPR-2; Stimulating Protein 3. XX OS human, Homo sapiens OC eukaryota; animalia; metazoa; chordata; vertebrata; tetrapoda; mammalia; eutheria; primates XX GE G009931 SP3; HGNC: SP3. XX CL C0001; CH; XX SF 6 potential N-glycosylation sites (N-X-S/T) [1]; SF homology to factors Sp1 T00759 and SP4 T02339 [1]; XX CP ubiquitous [3]. XX FF internal translation initiation results in an isoform of 78-80 kDa, which can also bind to R19612, and can act as potent inhibitor of Sp-mediated transcription [5]; FF represses Sp1-mediated transactivation through uteroglobin promoter element II [2]; FF suppression of Tat-mediated transactivation [3]; FF represses basal expression of HIV promoter [3]; FF not able to cooperate with NF-kappaB [3]; FF expression of Sp1 and Sp3 was found co-regulated in fibrosarcoma cell lines [4]; XX IN T04106 HDAC1; human, Homo sapiens. IN T25625 hdac2; human, Homo sapiens. IN T21984 p300; human, Homo sapiens. IN T06124 REST; human, Homo sapiens. IN T04292 Smad4; human, Homo sapiens. IN T00759 Sp1; human, Homo sapiens. XX MX M00933 V$SP1_Q2_01. MX M00932 V$SP1_Q4_01. MX M00931 V$SP1_Q6_01. MX M03921 V$SP3_01. MX M00665 V$SP3_Q3. MX M07615 V$SP3_Q3_01. XX BS R04817. BS R18719. BS R21007. BS R21682. BS R22250. BS R25822. BS R32523. BS R34117. BS R19612. BS R04979. BS R37746. BS R37747. BS R04839. BS R04873. BS R04875. BS R19606. BS R20550. BS R20551. BS R20850. BS R20853. BS R25955. BS R63974. BS R58740. BS R58741. BS R58742. BS R29406. BS R62552. BS R42094. BS R55829. BS R60671. BS R39255. BS R30134. BS R30135. BS R33529. BS R65438. BS R31110. BS R34066. BS R34067. BS R38856. BS R38868. BS R38871. BS R38873. BS R38876. BS R28565. BS R21341. BS R21342. BS R37569. BS R37570. BS R37571. BS R25012. BS R57688. BS R38124. BS R61023. BS R41876. BS R24712. BS R20706. BS R74003. BS R68300. BS R68302. BS R68303. BS R68304. BS R20710. BS R41244. BS R38915. BS R37946. BS R25877. BS R63162. BS R21098. BS R21102. BS R21104. BS R21105. BS R21107. BS R21109. BS R37138. BS R37139. BS R12757. BS R12758. BS R68439. BS R37315. BS R37316. BS R64802. BS R42067. BS R42068. BS R42069. BS R42071. BS R73002. BS R29365. BS R29366. BS R23461. BS R04376. BS R10055. BS R23734. BS R26794. BS R33478. BS R33479. BS R33480. BS R26266. BS R31794. BS R31796. BS R29790. BS R25544. BS R25545. BS R25546. BS R59008. BS R35060. BS R35061. BS R40974. BS R28974. BS R67061. BS R31520. BS R31521. BS R27440. BS R27444. BS R29401. BS R41746. BS R28315. BS R28316. BS R28317. BS R24114. BS R20418. BS R20422. BS R32638. BS R20180. BS R20181. BS R04930. BS R21663. BS R21664. BS R21665. BS R20673. BS R64940. BS R19626. BS R19627. BS R19629. BS R23370. BS R23371. BS R23372. BS R23373. BS R21371. BS R21372. BS R21376. BS R31948. BS R31949. BS R31950. BS R37152. BS R19586. BS R26042. BS R22932. BS R14556. BS R32297. BS R32298. BS R32299. BS R32300. BS R39163. BS R39165. BS R26525. BS R28963. BS R28964. BS R28965. BS R40990. BS R40997. BS R40998. BS R16910. BS R60550. BS R21230. BS R21234. BS R18806. BS R00381. BS R38489. BS R38490. BS R38491. BS R38492. BS R61831. BS R24971. BS R23290. BS R21684. BS R32184. BS R69153. BS R42330. BS R33189. BS R24239. BS R64036. BS R04034. BS R20503. BS R25779. BS R14539. BS R65890. BS R04688. BS R37384. BS R37385. BS R19132. BS R59724. BS R59727. BS R29781. BS R39362. BS R39363. BS R34186. BS R34187. BS R34188. BS R34189. BS R33996. BS R31337. BS R33573. BS R16625. BS R20195. BS R20196. BS R20198. BS R26691. BS R35520. BS R33571. BS R24869. BS R34650. BS R16052. BS R22691. BS R22692. BS R20479. BS R20480. BS R33972. BS R33973. BS R34959. BS R34960. BS R34961. BS R27538. BS R19699. BS R19700. BS R31855. BS R61275. BS R25524. BS R38942. BS R29690. BS R42331. BS R29617. BS R36232. BS R24136. BS R21652. BS R23636. BS R23637. BS R25564. BS R58140. BS R71219. BS R23752. BS R21257. BS R04674. BS R31335. BS R31608. BS R14726. BS R22311. BS R27198. BS R33450. BS R27684. BS R33778. BS R37561. BS R37562. BS R37563. BS R57783. BS R14787. BS R39277. BS R25711. BS R20744. BS R31034. BS R61081. BS R41342. BS R14779. BS R09492. BS R29728. BS R26346. BS R26348. BS R26401. BS R32142. BS R15702. BS R15704. BS R15730. BS R15731. BS R15732. BS R21015. BS R21017. BS R33470. BS R58804. BS R58817. BS R31850. BS R36819. BS R36327. BS R26479. BS R33754. BS R33755. BS R21735. BS R21736. BS R68160. BS R26226. BS R19641. BS R19658. BS R19659. BS R35566. BS R39376. BS R39377. BS R39378. BS R38730. BS R38731. BS R16936. BS R16937. BS R39556. BS R39560. BS R39561. BS R39563. BS R39564. BS R16212. BS R37114. BS R37115. BS R37116. BS R20659. BS R56043. BS R36399. BS R36400. BS R40614. BS R27233. BS R27234. BS R16683. BS R31367. BS R34095. BS R34096. BS R21391. BS R21392. BS R42480. BS R29122. BS R29123. BS R32358. BS R37329. BS R37331. BS R37332. BS R68646. BS R27023. BS R27024. BS R27027. BS R27029. BS R39239. BS R15707. BS R20400. BS R34358. BS R32171. BS R57711. BS R59604. BS R59176. BS R62222. BS R62223. BS R62224. BS R31841. BS R35600. BS R33151. BS R33156. BS R33158. BS R21348. BS R21349. BS R21350. BS R21351. BS R20257. BS R42329. BS R29826. BS R29830. BS R29831. BS R17110. BS R26027. BS R58798. BS R28971. BS R32889. BS R26789. BS R09714. BS R37327. BS R37328. BS R21117. BS R21327. BS R34844. BS R32200. BS R33712. BS R20721. BS R68794. BS R68797. BS R68801. BS R68810. BS R38552. BS R56965. BS R30995. BS R30997. BS R66429. BS R38296. BS R24611. BS R24636. BS R27452. BS R24455. BS R24457. BS R24459. BS R31836. BS R31837. BS R38163. BS R37320. BS R37323. BS R29142. BS R61557. BS R16933. BS R16952. BS R25848. BS R24981. BS R24983. BS R19135. BS R29001. BS R29002. BS R38939. BS R38940. BS R38941. BS R38945. BS R36889. BS R16956. BS R16958. BS R16959. BS R19682. BS R59524. BS R68744. BS R68746. BS R39085. BS R39089. BS R17082. BS R17083. BS R21671. BS R62610. BS R24252. BS R29141. BS R29726. BS R22331. BS R32172. BS R32173. BS R32174. BS R55817. BS R39368. BS R33091. BS R33093. BS R40060. BS R40061. BS R40063. BS R37301. BS R33838. BS R37348. BS R37351. BS R37359. BS R37353. BS R34242. BS R26459. BS R21605. BS R21606. BS R21607. BS R19433. BS R19434. BS R19464. BS R19435. BS R61101. BS R56744. BS R56745. BS R56746. BS R41282. BS R38108. BS R38118. BS R21068. BS R13276. BS R23126. BS R23127. BS R26487. BS R33562. BS R40243. BS R33760. BS R15189. BS R21281. BS R21471. BS R29080. BS R29085. BS R35016. BS R34305. BS R61401. BS R22209. BS R56014. BS R16948. BS R16949. BS R16950. BS R31916. BS R19291. BS R12709. BS R12971. BS R12973. BS R12978. BS R37514. BS R33441. BS R04431. BS R41593. BS R41596. BS R41597. BS R41598. BS R30314. BS R13212. BS R28991. BS R25031. BS R36190. BS R36191. BS R23133. BS R33033. BS R30136. BS R73597. XX DR TRANSPATH: MO000046079. DR TRANSCOMPEL: C00204. DR TRANSCOMPEL: C00205. DR TRANSCOMPEL: C00256. DR TRANSCOMPEL: C00536. DR TRANSCOMPEL: C00542. DR TRANSCOMPEL: C00633. DR UniProtKB: Q02447; SP3_HUMAN. XX RN [1]; RE0006538. RX PUBMED: 1454515. RA Hagen G., Muller S., Beato M., Suske G. RT Cloning by recognition site screening of two novel GT box binding proteins: a familiy of Sp1 related genes RL Nucleic Acids Res. 20:5519-5525 (1992). RN [2]; RE0006539. RX PUBMED: 7759528. RA Dennig J., Hagen G., Beato M., Suske G. RT Members of the Sp transcription factor family control transcription from the uteroglobin promoter RL J. Biol. Chem. 270:12737-12744 (1995). RN [3]; RE0006654. RX PUBMED: 7800480. RA Majello B., de Luca P., Hagen G., Suske G., Lania L. RT Different members of the Sp1 multigene family exert opposite transcriptional regulation of the long terminal repeat of HIV-1 RL Nucleic Acids Res. 22:4914-4921 (1994). RN [4]; RE0035235. RX PUBMED: 15857802. RA Lou Z., Maher V. M., McCormick J. J. RT Identification of the promoter of human transcription factor Sp3 and evidence of the role of factors Sp1 and Sp3 in the expression of Sp3 protein. RL Gene 351C:51-59 (2005). RN [5]; RE0048477. RX PUBMED: 9224612. RA Kennett S. B., Udvadia A. J., Horowitz J. M. RT Sp3 encodes multiple proteins that differ in their capacity to stimulate or repress transcription. RL Nucleic Acids Res. 25:3110-3117 (1997). RN [6]; RE0052156. RX PUBMED: 12176973. RA Sun J. M., Chen H. Y., Moniwa M., Litchfield D. W., Seto E., Davie J. R. RT The transcriptional repressor Sp3 is associated with CK2-phosphorylated histone deacetylase 2. RL J. Biol. Chem. 277:35783-35786 (2002). RN [7]; RE0064761. RX PUBMED: 17827154. RA Sun J. M., Chen H. Y., Davie J. R. RT Differential distribution of unmodified and phosphorylated histone deacetylase 2 in chromatin. RL J. Biol. Chem. 282:33227-33236 (2007). RN [8]; RE0064849. RX PUBMED: 19885854. RA Yiu W. H., Yeung T. L., Poon J. W., Tsui S. K., Fung K. P., Waye M. M. 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