TRANSFAC FACTOR TABLE, Release 2017.2 - public - 2017-06-30, (C) QIAGEN

AC T00029 AS T10559, T16104, T16109, T17292, T17531. XX ID T00029 XX DT 15.10.1992 (created); ewi. DT 02.12.2015 (updated); hna. CO Copyright (C), QIAGEN. XX FA AP-1 XX SY (Jun)2; Activating Protein 1; AP1; Fos/Jun. XX OS human, Homo sapiens OC eukaryota; animalia; metazoa; chordata; vertebrata; tetrapoda; mammalia; eutheria; primates XX CL C0008; bZIP. XX SF composed of two subunits: two Jun-peptides or one Jun- T00133 and one Fos-peptide T00123 (or relatives); XX FF oxidative stress regulator [30]; FF down-modulated by glucocorticoids through direct interaction with GR; FF induced by TPA [27]; XX IN T00337 GR-alpha; human, Homo sapiens. IN T01920 GR-beta; human, Homo sapiens. IN T00333 GR; rat, Rattus norvegicus. IN T00334 GR; chick, Gallus gallus. IN T00335 GR; mouse, Mus musculus. IN T00336 GR; cat, Felis silvestris catus. XX MX M00172 V$AP1FJ_Q2. MX M00517 V$AP1_01. MX M00199 V$AP1_C. MX M00173 V$AP1_Q2. MX M00924 V$AP1_Q2_01. MX M00188 V$AP1_Q4. MX M00926 V$AP1_Q4_01. MX M00174 V$AP1_Q6. MX M00925 V$AP1_Q6_01. MX M03538 V$AP1_Q6_02. XX BS R00341. BS R00343. BS R00345. BS R00368. BS R02120. BS R38301. BS R03082. BS R03540. BS R20747. BS R20934. BS R22753. BS R24605. BS R24899. BS R25201. BS R25228. BS R29400. BS R25003. BS R25123. BS R01777. BS R01776. BS R58707. BS R16634. BS R37283. BS R00637. BS R00805. BS R00806. BS R01910. BS R00695. BS R00736. BS R00742. BS R03489. BS R37102. BS R37104. BS R60543. BS R03445. BS R29736. BS R38072. BS R33980. BS R14437. BS R02420. BS R30259. BS R26587. BS R14639. BS R21073. BS R74059. BS R03479. BS R30001. BS R04348. BS R25298. BS R26591. BS R69662. BS R40200. BS R27017. BS R27033. BS R58464. BS R60639. BS R26703. BS R24119. BS R30365. BS R04957. BS R05033. BS R05083. BS R05089. BS R05091. BS R05093. BS R38447. BS R33933. BS R15911. BS R22858. BS R32166. BS R32268. BS R32269. BS R32270. BS R04127. BS R27235. BS R27237. BS R20982. BS R20983. BS R72605. BS R72607. BS R41977. BS R00468. BS R16117. BS R65199. BS R21561. BS R18535. BS R04125. BS R14730. BS R35709. BS R35710. BS R60702. BS R60717. BS R60730. BS R60731. BS R33357. BS R39947. BS R02887. BS R03439. BS R03440. BS R14767. BS R24872. BS R35822. BS R28305. BS R28478. BS R28479. BS R29722. BS R73759. BS R04951. BS R29093. BS R30078. BS R30077. BS R00930. BS R03522. BS R25249. BS R02734. BS R05071. BS R25018. BS R23538. BS R25803. BS R26674. BS R30084. BS R31024. BS R72604. BS R13244. BS R13245. BS R28556. BS R72687. BS R14724. BS R14725. BS R00957. BS R00960. BS R14786. BS R31793. BS R34314. BS R14782. BS R40155. BS R25271. BS R69393. BS R69394. BS R42012. BS R25807. BS R26772. BS R00235. BS R09882. BS R25170. BS R26528. BS R30492. BS R30981. BS R39625. BS R32960. BS R03059. BS R24597. BS R25214. BS R33823. BS R37117. BS R60548. BS R01036. BS R01037. BS R02571. BS R27224. BS R27225. BS R27226. BS R27227. BS R68607. BS R18404. BS R22366. BS R22367. BS R55990. BS R02028. BS R70542. BS R58850. BS R20641. BS R11383. BS R42477. BS R01249. BS R29415. BS R56234. BS R01258. BS R08493. BS R08494. BS R02788. BS R23770. BS R24604. BS R24606. BS R28357. BS R03036. BS R38298. BS R58736. BS R33984. BS R38031. BS R13320. BS R60943. BS R20683. BS R03352. BS R59498. BS R13178. BS R37642. BS R37643. BS R39714. BS R24251. BS R25900. BS R21469. BS R14478. BS R14480. BS R21474. BS R21475. BS R32228. BS R35708. BS R22332. BS R02413. BS R13275. BS R14224. BS R36807. BS R36809. BS R36810. BS R01729. BS R01730. BS R32292. BS R36210. BS R22808. BS R22809. BS R22810. BS R08151. BS R21749. BS R21750. BS R59992. BS R59994. BS R03186. BS R31558. BS R08085. BS R30998. BS R29064. BS R20751. BS R36134. BS R60783. BS R00126. BS R73999. BS R42144. BS R04064. BS R05095. BS R00133. BS R13582. BS R05098. BS R03386. BS R30484. BS R29188. BS R14160. BS R02340. BS R35129. BS R35127. BS R01461. BS R04658. BS R01223. BS R01239. BS R74039. BS R30930. BS R18175. BS R37508. BS R37509. BS R37510. BS R37511. BS R21508. BS R02378. BS R00954. BS R21463. BS R21464. BS R32247. BS R08116. BS R29900. BS R23079. BS R01383. BS R01386. BS R01394. BS R01412. BS R60810. BS R60813. BS R01567. XX DR TRANSPATH: MO000019470. DR TRANSCOMPEL: C00081. DR TRANSCOMPEL: C00084. DR TRANSCOMPEL: C00108. DR TRANSCOMPEL: C00109. DR TRANSCOMPEL: C00139. DR TRANSCOMPEL: C00160. DR TRANSCOMPEL: C00161. DR TRANSCOMPEL: C00164. DR TRANSCOMPEL: C00165. DR TRANSCOMPEL: C00166. DR TRANSCOMPEL: C00251. DR TRANSCOMPEL: C00263. DR TRANSCOMPEL: C00266. DR TRANSCOMPEL: C00267. DR TRANSCOMPEL: C00293. DR TRANSCOMPEL: C00294. DR TRANSCOMPEL: C00319. DR TRANSCOMPEL: C00357. DR TRANSCOMPEL: C00373. DR TRANSCOMPEL: C00381. DR TRANSCOMPEL: C00393. DR TRANSCOMPEL: C00404. DR TRANSCOMPEL: C00415. XX RN [1]; RE0000050. RX PUBMED: 3034432. RA Angel P., Imagawa M., Chiu R., Stein B., Imbra R. J., Rahmsdorf H. J., Jonat C., Herrlich P., Karin M. RT Phorbol ester-inducible genes contain a common cis element recognized by a TPA-modulated trans-acting factor RL Cell 49:729-739 (1987). RN [2]; RE0000101. RX PUBMED: 3142689. RA Angel P., Hattori K., Smeal T., Karin M. RT The jun proto-oncogene is positively autoregulated by its product, Jun/AP-1 RL Cell 55:875-885 (1988). RN [3]; RE0000105. RX PUBMED: 3040262. RA Mitchell P., Wang C., Tjian R. RT Positive and Negative Regulation of Transcription In Vitro: Enhancer-Binding Protein AP-2 Is Inhibited by SV40 T Antigen RL Cell 50:847-861 (1987). RN [4]; RE0000106. RX PUBMED: 3135941. RA Sassone-Corsi P., Lamph W. W., Kamps M., Verma I. M. RT fos-associated cellular p39 is related to nuclear transcription factor AP-1 RL Cell 54:553-560 (1988). RN [5]; RE0000123. RX PUBMED: 2830989. RA Bos T. J., Bohmann D., Tsuchie H., Tjian R., Vogt P. K. RT v-jun encodes a nuclear protein with enhancer binding properties of AP-1 RL Cell 52:705-712 (1988). RN [6]; RE0000134. RX PUBMED: 3034433. RA Lee W., Mitchell P., Tjian R. RT Purified Transcription Factor AP-1 Interacts with TPA-Inducible Enhancer Elements RL Cell 49:741-752 (1987). RN [7]; RE0000168. RX PUBMED: 2169351. RA Jonat C., Rahmsdorf H. J., Park K.-K., Cato A. C. B., Gebel S., Ponta H., Herrlich P. RT Antitumor promotion and antiinflammation: Down-modulation of AP-1 (Fos/Jun) activity by glucocorticoid hormone RL Cell 62:1189-1204 (1990). RN [8]; RE0000398. RX PUBMED: 2850173. RA Comb M., Mermod N., Hyman S. E., Pearlberg J., Ross M. E., Goodman H. M. RT Proteins bound adjacent DNA elements act synergistically to regulate human proenkephalin cAMP inducible transcription RL EMBO J. 7:3793-3805 (1988). RN [9]; RE0000426. RX PUBMED: 2511007. RA Shaw P. E., Frasch S., Nordheim A. RT Repression of c-fos transcription is mediated through p6SRF bound to the SRE RL EMBO J. 8:2567-2574 (1989). RN [10]; RE0000521. RX PUBMED: 1714380. RA de Groot R. P., Karperien M., Pals C., Kruijer W. RT Characterization of the mouse junD promoter - high basal level activity due to an octamer motif RL EMBO J. 10:2523-2532 (1991). RN [11]; RE0000652. RX PUBMED: 2498162. RA Hay N., Takimoto M., Bishop J. M. RT A FOS protein is present in a complex that binds a negative regulator of MYC RL Genes Dev. 3:293-303 (1989). RN [12]; RE0000891. RX PUBMED: 2498322. RA Takimoto M., Quinn J. P., Farina A. R., Staudt L. M., Levens D. RT fos/jun and Octamer-binding Protein Interact with a Common Site in a Negative Element of the Human c-myc Gene RL J. Biol. Chem. 264:8982-8999 (1989). RN [13]; RE0001199. RX PUBMED: 2761540. RA Karpinski B. A., Yang L.-H., Cacheris P., Morle G. D., Leiden J. M. RT The First Intron of the 4F2 Heavy-Chain Gene Contains a Transcriptional Enhancer Element That Binds Multiple Nuclear Proteins RL Mol. Cell. Biol. 9:2588-2597 (1989). RN [14]; RE0001350. RX PUBMED: 2548087. RA Gabuzda D. H., Hess J. L., Small J. A., Clements J. E. RT Regulation of the Visna Virus Long Terminal Repeat in Macrophages Involves Cellular Factors That Bind Sequences Containing AP-1 Sites RL Mol. Cell. Biol. 9:2728-2733 (1989). RN [15]; RE0001387. RX PUBMED: 2557547. RA Stein B., Rahmsdorf H. J., Steffen A., Litfin M., Herrlich P. RT UV-Induced DNA Damage Is an Intermediate Step in UV-Induced Expression of Human Immunodeficiency Virus Type 1 Collagenase, c-fos and Metallothionein RL Mol. Cell. Biol. 9:5169-5181 (1989). RN [16]; RE0001669. RX PUBMED: 1875946. RA Jarman A. P., Wood W. G., Sharpe J. A., Gourdon G., Ayyub H., Higgs D. R. RT Characterization of the major regulatory element upstream of the human alpha-globin gene cluster RL Mol. Cell. Biol. 11:4679-4689 (1991). RN [17]; RE0001814. RX PUBMED: 2833704. RA Mermod N., Williams T. J., Tjian R. RT Enhancer binding factors AP-4 and AP-1 act in concert to activate SV40 late transcription in vitro RL Nature 332:557-561 (1988). RN [18]; RE0001961. RX PUBMED: 2495523. RA Lucero M. A., Sanchez D., Ochoa A. R., Brunel F., Cohen G. N., Baralle F. E., Zakin M. M. RT Interaction of DNA-binding proteins with the tissue-specific human apolipoprotein-AII enhancer RL Nucleic Acids Res. 17:2283-2300 (1989). RN [19]; RE0001971. RX PUBMED: 2959908. RA Garcia J., Wu F., Gaynor R. RT Upstream regulatory regions required to stabilize binding to the TATA sequence in an adenovirus early promoter RL Nucleic Acids Res. 15:8367-8385 (1987). RN [20]; RE0002057. RX PUBMED: 2555785. RA Shelbourn S. L., Kothari S. K., Sissons J. G. P., Sinclair J. H. RT Repression of human cytomegalovirus gene expression associated with a novel immediate early regulatory region binding factor RL Nucleic Acids Res. 17:9165-9171 (1989). RN [21]; RE0002352. RX PUBMED: 2842787. RA Fink J. S., Verhave M., Kasper S., Tsukada T., Mandel G., Goodman R. H. RT The CGTCA sequence motif is essential for biological activity of the vasoactive intestinal peptide gene cAMP-regulated enhancer RL Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA 85:6662-6666 (1988). RN [22]; RE0002382. RX PUBMED: 2771941. RA Mignotte V., Eleouet J. F., Raich N., Romeo P.-H. RT Cis- and trans-acting elements involved in the regulation of the erythroid promoter of the human porphobilinogen deaminase gene RL Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA 86:6548-6552 (1989). RN [23]; RE0002479. RX PUBMED: 1902571. RA Trujillo M. A., Letovsky J., Maguire H. F., Lopez-Cabrera M., Siddiqui A. RT Functional analysis of a liver-specific enhancer of the hepatitis B virus RL Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA 88:3797-3801 (1991). RN [24]; RE0002589. RX PUBMED: 3257586. RA Grayson D. R., Costa R. H., Xanthopoulos K. G., Darnell J. E. RT One Factor Recognizes the Liver-Specific Enhancers in alpha1-Antitrypsin and Transthyretin Genes RL Science 239:786-788 (1988). RN [25]; RE0002630. RX PUBMED: 2825349. RA Bohmann D., Bos T. J., Admon A., Nishimura T., Vogt P. K., Tjian R. RT Human proto-oncogene c-jun encodes a DNA binding protein with structural and functional properties of transcription factor AP-1 RL Science 238:1386-1392 (1987). RN [26]; RE0002743. RX PUBMED: 2162765. RA Gutman A., Wasylyk B. RT The collagenase gene promoter contains a TPA and oncogene-responsive unit encompassing the PEA3 and AP-1 binding sites RL EMBO J. 9:2241-2246 (1990). RN [27]; RE0006508. RX PUBMED: 7862129. RA Qian X., Samadani U., Porcella A., Costa R. H. RT Decreased expression of hepatocyte nuclear factor 3alpha during the acute-phase response influences transthyretin gene transcription RL Mol. Cell. Biol. 15:1364-1376 (1995). RN [28]; RE0055798. RX PUBMED: 19164283. RA Gao S. Y., Li E. M., Cui L., Lu X. F., Meng L. Y., Yuan H. M., Xie J. J., Du Z. P., Pang J. X., Xu L. Y. RT Sp1 and AP-1 regulate expression of the human gene VIL2 in esophageal carcinoma cells. RL J. Biol. Chem. 284:7995-8004 (2009). RN [29]; RE0068224. RX PUBMED: 20507572. RA Khalaf H., Jass J., Olsson P. E. RT Differential cytokine regulation by NF-kappaB and AP-1 in Jurkat T-cells. RL BMC Immunol. 11:26 (2010). RN [30]; RE0035573. RX PUBMED: 9613613. RA Rahman I., Smith C. A., Antonicelli F., MacNee W. RT Characterisation of gamma-glutamylcysteine synthetase-heavy subunit promoter: a critical role for AP-1. RL FEBS Lett. 427:129-133 (1998). XX //