TRANSFAC FACTOR TABLE, Release 2017.2 - public - 2017-06-30, (C) QIAGEN

AC T00702 XX ID T00702 XX DT 27.10.1992 (created); ewi. DT 03.06.2016 (updated); ros. CO Copyright (C), QIAGEN. XX FA PU.1 XX SY B1; Dis-1; Dis1; NF-betaA; NF-JB; protooncogene pu.1; PU.1; PUrine-box binding factor 1; RP23-20F9.1; SFFV proviral integration 1; Sfpi-1; Sfpi1; Spi-1; SPI1; Tcfpu.1; Tcfpu1; Tfpu.1. XX OS mouse, Mus musculus OC eukaryota; animalia; metazoa; chordata; vertebrata; tetrapoda; mammalia; eutheria; rodentia; myomorpha; muridae; murinae XX GE G005728 Spi1. XX CL C0016; ETS; XX SF the most divergent member of the ETS family; SF PU.1 lacks the mid-regional and the C-terminal region inhibiting DNA-binding in c-Ets-1 and -2 [9] [2]; SF its DNA-binding specificity also depends much more on sequences flanking the GGAA-core [2]; SF phosphate backbone contacts and DNA distortion resemble those formed by homeo domain factors [14]; SF the bound 10bp DNA is uniformly curved by 8 deg [15]; SF the DNA-binding domain folds in alpha-helices and beta-strands according to the scheme alpha1-beta1-beta2-alpha2-alpha3-beta3-beta4 [15]; SF alpha2-alpha3: helix-turn-helix-like motif with alpha3 as recognition helix, the sequence in between being a loop rather than a turn; SF recognition helix performs major groove contacts in the GGAA core, the loop/turn between alpha2 and alpha3 binds to the backbone at a downstream nucleotide (ggaagT), and the loop between beta3 and beta4 makes upstream contacts [15]; SF the glutamine-rich region functions as a trans-activating domain [13]; SF ternary complex PU.1/IRF-4/DNA has been crystallized [24]; XX CP B-cells, macrophages, erythroleukemia cells, spleen, thymus, mast cells, bone marrow, interstitial non-hepatocytes (liver), fetal liver (site of hematopoiesis), interstitial non-tubular cells (testis). CN brain, heart, kidney, lung, T cells, fibroblasts, mesothelial cells. XX FF acts as an activator or as a repressor [1] [20]; FF after phosphorylation at Ser-148 by CK II, PU.1 recruits IRF-4/NF-EM5 to bind to DNA resulting in pronounced transcriptional activation [10] [11]; FF key regulator of monocyte/macrophage differentiation; FF PU.1 interferes with the commitment of erythroblast to differentiate [6]; FF antagonizes GATA-2 expression during macrophage differentiation [25]; FF is required for the development of mast lineage cells, cooperates with GATA-2 to regulate mast cell differentiation [25]; FF activated by proviral integration of SFFV (anemia- or polycythemia-inducing strains) in 95% of leukemic cell clones [18]; XX IN T08587 c-Jun; mouse, Mus musculus. IN T09446 c-Jun; Mammalia. IN T08499 CBP; mouse, Mus musculus. IN T00310 GATA-3; mouse, Mus musculus. IN T10639 HMGIY; Mammalia. IN T01412 IRF-4; mouse, Mus musculus. IN T08590 JunB; mouse, Mus musculus. IN T08536 JunD; mouse, Mus musculus. IN T01554 MITF; mouse, Mus musculus. IN T00722 pRb; human, Homo sapiens. IN T00794 TBP; human, Homo sapiens. IN T00795 TBP; fission yeast, Schizosaccharomyces pombe. IN T00796 TBP; mouse, Mus musculus. IN T00797 TBP; fruit fly, Drosophila melanogaster. IN T18332 TLS; mouse, Mus musculus. XX MX M00971 V$ETS_Q6. MX M01172 V$PU1_Q4. MX M00658 V$PU1_Q6. MX M02896 V$SFPI1_04. MX M01203 V$SPI1_01. MX M02043 V$SPI1_02. MX M07224 V$SPI1_10. MX M02031 V$SPI1_Q5. XX BS R25943. BS R04050. BS R04051. BS R04052. BS R04049. BS R25926. BS R27476. BS R02386. BS R04069. BS R00702. BS R74002. BS R68660. BS R72182. BS R26475. BS R26476. BS R21505. BS R35872. BS R35873. BS R35874. BS R20291. BS R26410. BS R24244. BS R28651. BS R27475. BS R14490. BS R14621. BS R04274. BS R21103. BS R21108. BS R25067. BS R26033. BS R74004. BS R28152. BS R28154. BS R25942. BS R01711. BS R21120. BS R73997. BS R32804. BS R31181. BS R14489. BS R74007. BS R39268. BS R14192. BS R34243. BS R29766. BS R33695. BS R69830. BS R67716. BS R08101. BS R25824. BS R74000. BS R32714. BS R03475. BS R19547. BS R67546. BS R38768. BS R38769. BS R39636. BS R26818. BS R61954. BS R61957. BS R69989. BS R69992. BS R71474. BS R71477. BS R04413. BS R74008. BS R21054. BS R24243. BS R69700. BS R08195. BS R08196. BS R02685. BS R24616. BS R25066. BS R24517. BS R25813. BS R25865. BS R28120. BS R20411. BS R25665. BS R55932. BS R61317. BS R38956. BS R32715. BS R21753. BS R68609. BS R68610. BS R21272. BS R28507. BS R25219. BS R17016. BS R69959. BS R69960. BS R27164. BS R27165. BS R18615. BS R73756. BS R27501. BS R37903. BS R28247. BS R24268. BS R34279. BS R34280. BS R34282. BS R34283. BS R34284. BS R34285. BS R34286. BS R34287. BS R25146. BS R60241. BS R29048. BS R28557. BS R28560. BS R73574. BS R01155. BS R02238. BS R26037. XX DR TRANSPATH: MO000037578. DR TRANSCOMPEL: C00024. DR TRANSCOMPEL: C00025. DR TRANSCOMPEL: C00177. DR TRANSCOMPEL: C00224. DR TRANSCOMPEL: C00247. DR TRANSCOMPEL: C00249. DR TRANSCOMPEL: C00250. DR TRANSCOMPEL: C00251. DR TRANSCOMPEL: C00252. DR TRANSCOMPEL: C00253. DR TRANSCOMPEL: C00254. DR TRANSCOMPEL: C00256. DR TRANSCOMPEL: C00257. DR TRANSCOMPEL: C00258. DR TRANSCOMPEL: C00259. DR TRANSCOMPEL: C00260. DR TRANSCOMPEL: C00261. DR TRANSCOMPEL: C00387. DR TRANSCOMPEL: C00475. DR TRANSCOMPEL: C00493. DR TRANSCOMPEL: C00499. DR TRANSCOMPEL: C00562. DR TRANSCOMPEL: C00575. DR TRANSCOMPEL: C00589. DR TRANSCOMPEL: C00599. DR UniProtKB: P17433; XX RN [1]; RE0000109. RX PUBMED: 2180582. RA Klemsz M. J., McKercher S. R., Celada A., van Beveren C., Maki R. A. RT The macrophage and B cell-specific transcription factor PU.1 is related to the ets oncogene RL Cell 61:113-124 (1990). RN [2]; RE0000799. RX PUBMED: 1592263. RA Wasylyk C., Kerckaert J.-P., Wasylyk B. RT A novel modulator domain of Ets transcription factors RL Genes Dev. 6:965-974 (1992). RN [3]; RE0001113. RX PUBMED: 1517230. RA Fisher R. J., Koizumi S., Kondoh A., Mariano J. 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RT The Fli-1 proto-oncogene, involved in erythroleukemia and Ewing`s sarcoma, encodes a transcriptional activator with DNA-binding specifities distinct from other Ets family members RL Oncogene 8:1621-1630 (1993). RN [8]; RE0002493. RX PUBMED: 8434021. RA Hagemeier C., Bannister A. J., Cook A., Kouzarides T. RT The activation domain of transcription factor PU.1 binds the retinoblastoma (RB) protein and the transcription factor TFIID in vitro: RB shows sequence similarity to TFIID and TFIIB RL Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA 90:1580-1584 (1993). RN [9]; RE0002584. RX PUBMED: 1409581. RA Hagman J., Grosschedl R. RT An inhibitory carboxyl-terminal domain in Ets-1 and Ets-2 mediates differential binding of Ets family factors to promoter sequences of the mb-1 gene RL Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA 89:8889-8893 (1992). RN [10]; RE0002720. RX PUBMED: 8456286. RA Pongubala J. M. R., van Beveren C., Nagulapalli S., Klemsz M. J., McKercher S. R., Maki R. A., Atchison M. L. 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D., Jones C., Auron P. E., Housman D. E. RT Mouse beta-globin DNA-binding protein B1 is identical to a proto-oncogene, the transcription factor Spi-1/PU.1, and is restricted in expression to hematopoietic cells and the testis RL Mol. Cell. Biol. 13:2929-2941 (1993). RN [15]; RE0005353. RX PUBMED: 8602247. RA Kodandapani R., Pio F., Ni C.-Z., Piccialli G., Klemsz M., McKercher S., Maki R. A., Ely K. R. RT A new pattern for helix-turn-helix recognition revealed by the PU.1 ETS-domain-DNA complex RL Nature 380:456-460 (1996). RN [16]; RE0005354. RX PUBMED: 3131425. RA Celada A., Shiga M., Imagawa M., Kop J., Maki R. A. RT Identification of a nuclear factor that binds to a conserved sequence of the I-A-beta gene RL J. Immunol. 140:3995-4002 (1988). RN [17]; RE0005355. RX PUBMED: 2827041. RA Moreau-Gachelin F., Tavitian A., Tambourin P. RT Spi-1 is a putative oncogene in virally induced murine erythroleukemias RL Nature 331:277-280 (1988). RN [18]; RE0005356. RX PUBMED: 2594367. RA Moreau-Gachelin F., Ray D., Mattei M.-G., Tambourin P., Tavitian A. RT The putative oncogene Spi-1: murine chromosomal localization and transcriptional activation in murine acute erythroleukemias RL Oncogene 4:1449-1456 (1989). RN [19]; RE0005357. RX PUBMED: 1693183. RA Ray D., Culine S., Tavitian A., Moreau-Gachelin F. RT The human homologue of the putative proto-oncogene Spi-1: characterization and expression in tumors RL Oncogene 5:663-668 (1990). RN [20]; RE0005359. RX PUBMED: 8302571. RA Ross I. L., Dunn T. L., Yue X., Roy S., Barnett C. J. K., Hume D. A. RT Comparison of the expression and function of the transcription factor PU.1 (SPI-1 proto-oncogene) between murine macrophages and B lymphocytes RL Oncogene 9:121-132 (1994). RN [21]; RE0008458. RX PUBMED: 8413228. RA O'Prey J., Ramsay S., Chambers I., Harrison P. R. RT Transcriptional up-regulation of the mouse cytosolic gluthathione peroxidase gene in erythroid cells is due to a tissue-specific 3' enhancer containing functionally important CACC/GT motifs and binding sites for GATA and Ets transcription factors RL Mol. Cell. Biol. 13:6290-6303 (1993). RN [22]; RE0016554. RX PUBMED: 7797077. RA Eisenbeis C. F., Singh H., Storb U. RT Pip, a novel IRF family member, is a lymphoid-specific, PU.1-dependent transcriptional activator. RL Genes Dev. 9:1377-1387 (1995). RN [23]; RE0016689. RX PUBMED: 7648395. RA Bassuk A. G., Leiden J. M. RT A direct physical association between ETS and AP-1 transcription factors in normal human T cells. RL Immunity 3:223-237 (1995). RN [24]; RE0023159. RX PUBMED: 12372320. RA Escalante C. R., Shen L., Escalante M. C., Brass A. L., Edwards T. A., Singh H., Aggarwal A. K. RT Crystallization and characterization of PU.1/IRF-4/DNA ternary complex. RL J. Struct. Biol. 139:55-59 (2002). RN [25]; RE0023175. RX PUBMED: 12433372. RA Walsh J. C., DeKoter R. P., Lee H.- J., Smith E. D., Lancki D. W., Gurish M. F., Friend D. S., Stevens R. L., Anastasi J., Singh H. RT Cooperative and antagonistic interplay between PU.1 and GATA-2 in the specification of myeloid cell fates. RL Immunity 17:665-676 (2002). RN [26]; RE0023295. RX PUBMED: 11481336. RA Luchin A., Suchting S., Merson T., Rosol T. J., Hume D. A., Cassady A. I., Ostrowski M. C. RT Genetic and physical interactions between Microphthalmia transcription factor and PU.1 are necessary for osteoclast gene expression and differentiation. RL J. Biol. Chem. 276:36703-36710 (2001). RN [27]; RE0023723. RX PUBMED: 11864910. RA Yamamoto H., Kihara-Negishi F., Yamada T., Suzuki M., Nakano T., Oikawa T. RT Interaction between the hematopoietic Ets transcription factor Spi-B and the coactivator CREB-binding protein associated with negative cross-talk with c-Myb. RL Cell Growth Differ. 13:69-75 (2002). RN [28]; RE0047473. RX PUBMED: 9988737. RA Behre G., Whitmarsh A. J., Coghlan M. P., Hoang T., Carpenter C. L., Zhang D. E., Davis R. J., Tenen D. G. RT c-Jun is a JNK-independent coactivator of the PU.1 transcription factor. RL J. Biol. Chem. 274:4939-4946 (1999). RN [29]; RE0048000. RX PUBMED: 12907668. RA McCarthy K. M., McDevit D., Andreucci A., Reeves R., Nikolajczyk B. S. RT HMGA1 co-activates transcription in B cells through indirect association with DNA. RL J. Biol. Chem. 278:42106-42114 (2003). RN [30]; RE0048195. RX PUBMED: 16439360. RA Liang M. D., Zhang Y., McDevit D., Marecki S., Nikolajczyk B. S. RT The interleukin-1beta gene is transcribed from a poised promoter architecture in monocytes. RL J. Biol. Chem. 281:9227-9237 (2006). RN [31]; RE0070519. RX PUBMED: 20363966. RA Yoon H., Boss J. M. RT PU.1 binds to a distal regulatory element that is necessary for B cell-specific expression of CIITA. RL J. Immunol. 184:5018-5028 (2010). XX //