TRANSFAC FACTOR TABLE, Release 2017.2 - public - 2017-06-30, (C) QIAGEN

AC T06137 XX ID T06137 XX DT 10.09.2004 (created); oke. DT 09.06.2015 (updated); asv. CO Copyright (C), QIAGEN. XX FA p73beta XX SY TAp73beta; tumor protein p73 isoform h. XX OS human, Homo sapiens OC eukaryota; animalia; metazoa; chordata; vertebrata; tetrapoda; mammalia; eutheria; primates XX GE G005523 TP73; HGNC: tp73. XX CL C0057; P53; XX SZ 499 AA; 54.3 kDa (calc.). XX SQ MAQSTATSPDGGTTFEHLWSSLEPDSTYFDLPQSSRGNNEVVGGTDSSMDVFHLEGMTTS SQ VMAQFNLLSSTMDQMSSRAASASPYTPEHAASVPTHSPYAQPSSTFDTMSPAPVIPSNTD SQ YPGPHHFEVTFQQSSTAKSATWTYSPLLKKLYCQIAKTCPIQIKVSTPPPPGTAIRAMPV SQ YKKAEHVTDVVKRCPNHELGRDFNEGQSAPASHLIRVEGNNLSQYVDDPVTGRQSVVVPY SQ EPPQVGTEFTTILYNFMCNSSCVGGMNRRPILIIITLEMRDGQVLGRRSFEGRICACPGR SQ DRKADEDHYREQQALNESSAKNGAASKRAFKQSPPAVPALGAGVKKRRHGDEDTYYLQVR SQ GRENFEILMKLKESLELMELVPQPLVDSYRQQQQLLQRPSHLQPPSYGPVLSPMNKVHGG SQ MNKLPSVNQLVGQPPPHSSAATPNLGPVGPGMLNNHGHAVPANGEMSSSHSAQSMVSGSH SQ CTPPPPYHADPSLVRTWGP XX SC Swiss-Prot#O15350-2 XX FT 102 391 PF00478; IMP dehydrogenase / GMP reductase domain. FT 113 309 PF00870; P53 DNA-binding domain. FT 345 386 PF07710; P53 tetramerisation motif. FT 352 382 OD, oligomerization domain [3]. XX SF several alternative products are known, p73alpha T04931, p73beta T06137, p73gamma T06142, p73delta T06143, p73epsilon T06144, p73zeta T06145, p73kappa T06139, p73eta T06179, DeltaN p73alpha T06002, DeltaN p73beta T06003, DeltaNp73gamma T06013; SF lack exon 13 in comparison with p73alpha T04931; SF strong homotypic interactions, similar to p53 [1]; SF both TAD and OD are required for interactions with co-activator PCAF T06148 [12]; XX FF strong transcriptional activator, is able to activate transcription from the p21waf1 promoter similar to p53 [2] [7] [9]; FF significantly more potent activator than isoforms p73alpha and p73gamma [9] [11]; FF intermediate transcriptional activator in neuroblastoma cells [4]; FF activates mdm2 and bax genes [6]; FF activates closely located p57Kip2 and KvLTQ1 genes [9]; FF mRNA expression is activated by E2F-1 (high level), by E2F-2 and E2F-4 (intermediate level) [5] [8]; FF mRNA expression is activated by c-Myc and E1A [8]; FF activates DeltaNp73 promoter forming a negative regulatory feedback loop [6]; FF activity is significantly diminished by DeltaNp73 isoforms [6]; FF recruits co-activator PCAF [12]; XX IN T25672 amphiphysin2b-1; human, Homo sapiens. IN T02944 Daxx; human, Homo sapiens. IN T06243 HMGB1; human, Homo sapiens. IN T06148 p/CAF; human, Homo sapiens. IN T06137 p73beta; human, Homo sapiens. IN T24830 Smad2; Mammalia. IN T09538 Smad3; Mammalia. XX MX M00761 V$P53DECAMER_Q2. MX M03558 V$P73_Q6. XX BS R15699. BS R15700. BS R15701. BS R68168. BS R16694. BS R35062. BS R15624. XX DR TRANSPATH: MO000037337. DR EMBL: Y11416; DR UniProtKB: O15350-2; XX RN [1]; RE0017266. RX PUBMED: 9288759. RA Kaghad M., Bonnet H., Yang A., Creancier L., Biscan J. C., Valent A., Minty A., Chalon P., Lelias J. M., Dumont X., Ferrara P., McKeon F., Caput D. RT Monoallelically expressed gene related to p53 at 1p36, a region frequently deleted in neuroblastoma and other human cancers RL Cell 90:809-819 (1997). RN [2]; RE0017269. RX PUBMED: 9802988. RA De Laurenzi V., Costanzo A., Barcaroli D., Terrinoni A., Falco M., Annicchiarico-Petruzzelli M., Levrero M., Melino G. RT Two new p73 splice variants, gamma and delta, with different transcriptional activity RL J. Exp. Med. 188:1763-1768 (1998). RN [3]; RE0024342. RX PUBMED: 10373484. RA Davison T. S., Vagner C., Kaghad M., Ayed A., Caput D., Arrowsmith C. H. RT p73 and p63 are homotetramers capable of weak heterotypic interactions with each other but not with p53. RL J. Biol. Chem. 274:18709-18714 (1999). RN [4]; RE0024735. RX PUBMED: 10809758. RA De Laurenzi V., Raschella G., Barcaroli D., Annicchiarico-Petruzzelli M., Ranalli M., Catani M. V., Tanno B., Costanzo A., Levrero M., Melino G. RT Induction of neuronal differentiation by p73 in a neuroblastoma cell line. RL J. Biol. Chem. 275:15226-15231 (2000). RN [5]; RE0024738. RX PUBMED: 11034215. RA Irwin M., Marin M. C., Phillips A. C., Seelan R. S., Smith D. I., Liu W., Flores E. R., Tsai K. Y., Jacks T., Vousden K. H., Kaelin WG J. r. RT Role for the p53 homologue p73 in E2F-1-induced apoptosis. RL Nature 407:645-648 (2000). RN [6]; RE0024741. RX PUBMED: 11909952. RA Nakagawa T., Takahashi M., Ozaki T., Watanabe Ki K., Todo S., Mizuguchi H., Hayakawa T., Nakagawara A. RT Autoinhibitory regulation of p73 by Delta Np73 to modulate cell survival and death through a p73-specific target element within the Delta Np73 promoter. RL Mol. Cell. Biol. 22:2575-2585 (2002). RN [7]; RE0024769. RX PUBMED: 10490834. RA Ueda Y., Hijikata M., Takagi S., Chiba T., Shimotohno K. RT New p73 variants with altered C-terminal structures have varied transcriptional activities. RL Oncogene 18:4993-4998 (1999). RN [8]; RE0024772. RX PUBMED: 11115495. RA Zaika A., Irwin M., Sansome C., Moll U. M. RT Oncogenes induce and activate endogenous p73 protein. RL J. Biol. Chem. 276:11310-11316 (2001). RN [9]; RE0024806. RX PUBMED: 11891335. RA Blint E., Phillips A. C., Kozlov S., Stewart C. L., Vousden K. H. RT Induction of p57(KIP2) expression by p73beta. RL Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA 99:3529-3534 (2002). RN [10]; RE0024867. RX PUBMED: 11748232. RA Stros M., Ozaki T., Bacikova A., Kageyama H., Nakagawara A. RT HMGB1 and HMGB2 cell-specifically down-regulate the p53- and p73-dependent sequence-specific transactivation from the human Bax gene promoter. RL J. Biol. Chem. 277:7157-7164 (2002). RN [11]; RE0024883. RX PUBMED: 14647469. RA Tullo A., Mastropasqua G., Bourdon J. C., Centonze P., Gostissa M., Costanzo A., Levrero M., Del Sal G., Saccone C., Sbisa E. RT Adenosine deaminase, a key enzyme in DNA precursors control, is a new p73 target. RL Oncogene 22:8738-8748 (2003). RN [12]; RE0024884. RX PUBMED: 14614455. RA Zhao L. Y., Liu Y., Bertos N. R., Yang X. J., Liao D. RT PCAF is a coactivator for p73-mediated transactivation. RL Oncogene 22:8316-8329 (2003). RN [13]; RE0049870. RX PUBMED: 12730672. RA Alisi A., Giambartolomei S., Cupelli F., Merlo P., Fontemaggi G., Spaziani A., Balsano C. RT Physical and functional interaction between HCV core protein and the different p73 isoforms. RL Oncogene 22:2573-2580 (2003). RN [14]; RE0050074. RX PUBMED: 15723830. RA Hanamoto T., Ozaki T., Furuya K., Hosoda M., Hayashi S., Nakanishi M., Yamamoto H., Kikuchi H., Todo S., Nakagawara A. RT Identification of protein kinase A catalytic subunit beta as a novel binding partner of p73 and regulation of p73 function. RL J. Biol. Chem. 280:16665-16675 (2005). RN [15]; RE0063151. RX PUBMED: 17304243. RA Crighton D., O'Prey J., Bell H. S., Ryan K. M. RT p73 regulates DRAM-independent autophagy that does not contribute to programmed cell death. RL Cell Death Differ. 14:1071-1079 (2007). XX //