TRANSFAC FACTOR TABLE, Release 2017.2 - public - 2017-06-30, (C) QIAGEN

AC T00752 XX ID T00752 XX DT 15.10.1992 (created); ewi. DT 22.01.2016 (updated); nes. CO Copyright (C), QIAGEN. XX FA Sp1 XX SY Sp1; Stimulating Protein 1; trans-acting transcription factor 1. XX OS mouse, Mus musculus OC eukaryota; animalia; metazoa; chordata; vertebrata; tetrapoda; mammalia; eutheria; rodentia; myomorpha; muridae; murinae XX GE G004918 Sp1. XX CL C0001; CH; XX SF 3 zinc finger motifs; SF the three zinc fingers are necessary and sufficient for interaction with GATA-1 T00305 [12]; XX CP 3T3-L1, 3T3-L1, differentiated [20]; Y1 cells [30]; both untreated and PDGF treated NIH3T3 cells [16]; CMT-93 [21]; Undifferentiated and Differentiated 3T3-L1 cells [22]. XX FF During neuronal differentiation (RA treatment) of P-19 cells there is an increased level of this protein [18]; FF SP1 interacts with cyclin E, Cyclin A, and cyclin-dependent kinase 2 during the S phase [29]; FF Sp1 expression is present in undifferentiated myoblasts, but absent in differentiated myotubes [19]; FF particularly low levels in some adult organs such as liver, apparently absent in adult kidney; FF rapidly induced by phosphorothioate oligonucleotides (irrespective of their sequence) dependent on RelA subunit of NF-kappaB [11]; FF synergy of Sp1 and GATA-1 T00305 on gene expression [12]; XX IN T08977 ATF-3; mouse, Mus musculus. IN T16043 BCL-6; Mammalia. IN T00205 E2; BPV-1, bovine papilloma virus type 1. IN T01543 E2F-1; mouse, Mus musculus. IN T09117 E2F-1; human, Homo sapiens. IN T09123 E2F-2; human, Homo sapiens. IN T14606 E2F-3; human, Homo sapiens. IN T10013 Egr-1; mouse, Mus musculus. IN T00305 GATA-1; mouse, Mus musculus. IN T02686 GATA-6; mouse, Mus musculus. IN T23418 HDAC1; mouse, Mus musculus. IN T04140 hdac2; mouse, Mus musculus. IN T14261 LRF; Mammalia. IN T10644 MTF-1; mouse, Mus musculus. IN T00528 myogenin; mouse, Mus musculus. IN T10542 p300; mouse, Mus musculus. IN T14288 PLZF; Mammalia. IN T05067 Smad4; mouse, Mus musculus. IN T00752 Sp1; mouse, Mus musculus. XX MX M00008 V$SP1_01. MX M01303 V$SP1_02. MX M00933 V$SP1_Q2_01. MX M07395 V$SP1_Q2_02. MX M00932 V$SP1_Q4_01. MX M00196 V$SP1_Q6. MX M00931 V$SP1_Q6_01. XX BS R04837. BS R04855. BS R04856. BS R18719. BS R21085. BS R21007. BS R23067. BS R32523. BS R34117. BS R71572. BS R41494. BS R23507. BS R04979. BS R04980. BS R04982. BS R26492. BS R04875. BS R65541. BS R65542. BS R65543. BS R23358. BS R38241. BS R38242. BS R03445. BS R00145. BS R20972. BS R20706. BS R40980. BS R62786. BS R14613. BS R25019. BS R42426. BS R58713. BS R41195. BS R41196. BS R23064. BS R23065. BS R23536. BS R20673. BS R02717. BS R23510. BS R21243. BS R17081. BS R39494. BS R38168. BS R25434. BS R23537. BS R26491. BS R27201. BS R27202. BS R29863. BS R29865. BS R61865. BS R61866. BS R61870. BS R61875. BS R61887. BS R66416. BS R28994. BS R27684. BS R57783. BS R22800. BS R22801. BS R23718. BS R23719. BS R23720. BS R09492. BS R22795. BS R22796. BS R22797. BS R22798. BS R16660. BS R42082. BS R32084. BS R19641. BS R19658. BS R19659. BS R33149. BS R22373. BS R39273. BS R72636. BS R21657. BS R21658. BS R24847. BS R66288. BS R66289. BS R20721. BS R36677. BS R55952. BS R29708. BS R24260. BS R21258. BS R21260. BS R42493. BS R73977. BS R14777. BS R14778. BS R20816. BS R20817. BS R33440. BS R22331. BS R14423. BS R14622. BS R15434. BS R19464. BS R32458. BS R35996. BS R37355. BS R37356. BS R20892. BS R21642. BS R24283. BS R62611. BS R62612. BS R21068. BS R28983. BS R28986. BS R21002. BS R31100. BS R37822. BS R20542. BS R61969. BS R61978. BS R61979. BS R33694. BS R36846. BS R00052. BS R62427. BS R59532. BS R59535. BS R33824. BS R59500. BS R59503. BS R59504. BS R25988. BS R56254. BS R36565. BS R36566. BS R36567. BS R36573. BS R36574. BS R36575. BS R36576. BS R36577. BS R36579. BS R21022. BS R21025. BS R21028. BS R61041. BS R61043. BS R61044. BS R61045. BS R61046. BS R61047. BS R61049. BS R61050. BS R61051. BS R61052. BS R15774. BS R61224. BS R38549. BS R38550. BS R58605. BS R58620. BS R61682. BS R62604. BS R26252. BS R26253. BS R30574. BS R32180. BS R60179. BS R34068. BS R42437. BS R42439. BS R42440. BS R42442. BS R31960. BS R31619. BS R40919. BS R03134. BS R26101. BS R26284. BS R26287. BS R35063. BS R35065. BS R28351. BS R38774. BS R58990. BS R25774. BS R21381. BS R34230. BS R34231. BS R34232. BS R34233. BS R02873. BS R38685. BS R38688. BS R41408. BS R41411. BS R41413. BS R28528. BS R32457. BS R35864. BS R61961. BS R41686. BS R60363. BS R61836. BS R61837. BS R29206. BS R21476. BS R21478. BS R57354. BS R38898. BS R38899. BS R38900. BS R38901. BS R00281. BS R00282. BS R37590. BS R37593. BS R16512. BS R36634. BS R36635. BS R36636. BS R21095. BS R21705. BS R34097. BS R34098. BS R34099. BS R38237. BS R38238. BS R30311. BS R25253. BS R29099. BS R22237. BS R02891. BS R03348. BS R41249. BS R31927. BS R20981. BS R26489. BS R34897. BS R21492. BS R60623. BS R26487. BS R32198. BS R28951. BS R20811. BS R20812. BS R30689. BS R37149. BS R37150. BS R26830. BS R21431. BS R63040. BS R23815. BS R29995. BS R29997. BS R29998. BS R24802. BS R61064. BS R31516. BS R02085. BS R15771. BS R03361. BS R24842. BS R33366. BS R33367. BS R33388. BS R39220. BS R14520. BS R19638. BS R19639. BS R26188. BS R21489. BS R55926. BS R55931. BS R16944. BS R36000. BS R36002. BS R36006. BS R36010. BS R29255. BS R29256. BS R29257. BS R32679. BS R32682. BS R30615. BS R21335. BS R21336. BS R67027. BS R67029. BS R67030. BS R33481. BS R67031. BS R67032. BS R67033. BS R62568. BS R62569. BS R36429. BS R39646. BS R39647. BS R20875. BS R21083. BS R21086. BS R69236. BS R17107. BS R17108. BS R17114. BS R01164. BS R64184. BS R20491. BS R20492. BS R20493. BS R17197. BS R24210. BS R73702. BS R29448. BS R60041. BS R60044. BS R60045. BS R60047. BS R57835. BS R36663. BS R36665. BS R68276. BS R68277. BS R68278. BS R16584. BS R01021. BS R01022. BS R67499. BS R67456. BS R67460. BS R67461. BS R67462. BS R67464. BS R67466. BS R24165. BS R04160. BS R68058. BS R68060. BS R68068. BS R68069. BS R68072. BS R29100. BS R29102. BS R18430. BS R01680. BS R22393. BS R21101. BS R38737. BS R31398. BS R37832. BS R37191. BS R61290. BS R64005. BS R41688. BS R41689. BS R41511. BS R29673. BS R04854. BS R25991. BS R15189. BS R21471. BS R62969. BS R62970. BS R03205. BS R39473. BS R39474. BS R39475. BS R18736. BS R31792. BS R33374. BS R20393. BS R20394. BS R20395. BS R29345. BS R38587. BS R37959. BS R59815. BS R59812. BS R29105. BS R21114. BS R21115. BS R14578. BS R14579. BS R33397. BS R74014. BS R20232. BS R20234. BS R65158. BS R26356. BS R02593. BS R33658. BS R62411. BS R58661. BS R37344. BS R37345. BS R37346. BS R37347. BS R59666. BS R17128. BS R21593. BS R21598. BS R21600. BS R21601. BS R30559. BS R38554. BS R36016. BS R15944. BS R66379. BS R01701. BS R01702. BS R01704. BS R55880. BS R71401. BS R19660. BS R19661. BS R19662. BS R29699. BS R23859. BS R23861. BS R23863. BS R39227. BS R39231. BS R70134. BS R16662. BS R16663. BS R68055. BS R68056. BS R68057. BS R09536. BS R09537. BS R20379. BS R56014. BS R33401. BS R20175. BS R39864. BS R31916. BS R37942. BS R41680. BS R41682. BS R41685. BS R04893. BS R04894. BS R73930. BS R02846. BS R33515. BS R33516. BS R65565. BS R66199. BS R66201. BS R33692. BS R33698. BS R66202. BS R66203. BS R22671. BS R22672. BS R61282. BS R14661. BS R34800. BS R36364. BS R33677. BS R33678. BS R33679. BS R41407. BS R21791. BS R03281. BS R15669. BS R25644. BS R55997. BS R27724. BS R18933. BS R34620. BS R34622. BS R26493. BS R39499. BS R23712. BS R60101. BS R41810. BS R41812. BS R41814. BS R22114. BS R22466. BS R22467. BS R37433. BS R33732. BS R33734. BS R34263. BS R35034. BS R01608. BS R20510. BS R20511. BS R29901. BS R26490. BS R32206. BS R21170. BS R21171. BS R21289. BS R21297. BS R16169. BS R16170. BS R16171. BS R36559. BS R36452. BS R61856. BS R61858. BS R61859. BS R61860. BS R61861. BS R61864. BS R20806. BS R20584. BS R33415. BS R33564. BS R16182. BS R16545. BS R37648. BS R59862. BS R38284. BS R21328. BS R21330. BS R42279. BS R42282. BS R56478. BS R22618. BS R34777. BS R39743. BS R39746. BS R29239. BS R34790. BS R42168. BS R37961. BS R32197. BS R40454. BS R05013. BS R24938. BS R33182. BS R02245. BS R01375. BS R01410. BS R21139. XX DR TRANSPATH: MO000025152. DR TRANSCOMPEL: C00132. DR TRANSCOMPEL: C00218. DR TRANSCOMPEL: C00221. DR TRANSCOMPEL: C00244. DR TRANSCOMPEL: C00273. DR TRANSCOMPEL: C00275. DR TRANSCOMPEL: C00359. DR TRANSCOMPEL: C00432. DR TRANSCOMPEL: C00453. DR TRANSCOMPEL: C00516. DR TRANSCOMPEL: C00524. DR TRANSCOMPEL: C00568. DR TRANSCOMPEL: C00570. DR TRANSCOMPEL: C00571. DR TRANSCOMPEL: C00573. DR TRANSCOMPEL: C00633. DR TRANSCOMPEL: C00642. DR UniProtKB: O89090; XX RN [1]; RE0000182. 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