TRANSFAC FACTOR TABLE, Release 2017.2 - public - 2017-06-30, (C) QIAGEN

AC T05056 XX ID T05056 XX DT 02.03.2002 (created); vma. DT 14.12.2015 (updated); sup. CO Copyright (C), QIAGEN. XX FA Max XX SY Max1; Myn. XX OS human, Homo sapiens OC eukaryota; animalia; metazoa; chordata; vertebrata; tetrapoda; mammalia; eutheria; primates XX GE G003958 MAX; HGNC: Max. XX CL C0012; bHLH-ZIP; XX SF different splice variants T00489, T01567; XX EX brain,,,adult; detectable; Northern blot; RNA (undefined); [10]. EX heart,,,adult; detectable; Northern blot; RNA (undefined); [10]. EX kidney (right and left),,,adult; detectable; Northern blot; RNA (undefined); [10]. EX liver,,,adult; detectable; Northern blot; RNA (undefined); [10]. EX lung (right and left),,,adult; detectable; Northern blot; RNA (undefined); [10]. EX muscles,,,adult; detectable; Northern blot; RNA (undefined); [10]. EX pancreas,,,adult; detectable; Northern blot; RNA (undefined); [10]. EX placenta,,,adult; detectable; Northern blot; RNA (undefined); [10]. XX IN T00140 c-Myc-isoform1; human, Homo sapiens. IN T09998 c-Myc; human, Homo sapiens. IN T14435 c-Myc; Mammalia. IN T18378 CBP; human, Homo sapiens. IN T00100 CDP; human, Homo sapiens. IN T09019 Mad3; mouse, Mus musculus. IN T09020 Mad4; mouse, Mus musculus. IN T05056 Max; human, Homo sapiens. IN T20017 MGA; human, Homo sapiens. IN T01564 Mxi1; human, Homo sapiens. IN T21984 p300; human, Homo sapiens. IN T14054 PARP; human, Homo sapiens. IN T32689 RAI17; human, Homo sapiens. IN T08956 TAFII250; human, Homo sapiens. IN T19301 TEF-1-xbb2; human, Homo sapiens. IN T02362 TEF-1; rat, Rattus norvegicus. XX MX M01034 V$EBOX_Q6_01. MX M00119 V$MAX_01. MX M04759 V$MAX_10. MX M04844 V$MAX_11. MX M07217 V$MAX_13. MX M08950 V$MAX_14. MX M01830 V$MAX_Q6. MX M00118 V$MYCMAX_01. MX M00123 V$MYCMAX_02. MX M00615 V$MYCMAX_03. MX M00322 V$MYCMAX_B. MX M00799 V$MYC_Q2. XX BS R12283. BS R12284. BS R12285. BS R12286. BS R12287. BS R12288. BS R12289. BS R12290. BS R12291. BS R12292. BS R12293. BS R12294. BS R12295. BS R12296. BS R12297. BS R12298. BS R12299. BS R12300. BS R12301. BS R73559. BS R12424. BS R12425. BS R12426. BS R73560. BS R73562. BS R73563. BS R73561. BS R18807. BS R18808. BS R19591. BS R14386. XX DR TRANSPATH: MO000022234. DR UniProtKB: P61244; XX RN [1]; RE0017805. RX PUBMED: 9860302. RA Meng X., Lu X., Li Z., Green E. D., Massa H., Trask B. J., Morris C. A., Keating M. T. RT Complete physical map of the common deletion region in Williams syndrome and identification and characterization of three novel genes RL Hum. Genet. 103:590-599 (1998). RN [2]; RE0046949. RX PUBMED: 10886373. RA Takayama M. A., Taira T., Tamai K., Iguchi-Ariga S. M., Ariga H. RT ORC1 interacts with c-Myc to inhibit E-box-dependent transcription by abrogating c-Myc-SNF5/INI1 interaction RL Genes Cells 5:481-90 (2000). RN [3]; RE0047829. RX PUBMED: 16287840. RA Faiola F., Liu X., Lo S., Pan S., Zhang K., Lymar E., Farina A., Martinez E. RT Dual regulation of c-Myc by p300 via acetylation-dependent control of Myc protein turnover and coactivation of Myc-induced transcription. RL Mol. Cell. Biol. 25:10220-10234 (2005). RN [4]; RE0048143. RX PUBMED: 11010974. RA Vyas D. R., McCarthy J. J., Tsika G. L., Tsika R. W. RT Multiprotein complex formation at the beta myosin heavy chain distal muscle CAT element correlates with slow muscle expression but not mechanical overload responsiveness. RL J. Biol. Chem. 276:1173-1184 (2001). RN [5]; RE0048190. RX PUBMED: 15572685. RA Patel J. H., Du Y., Ard P. G., Phillips C., Carella B., Chen C. J., Rakowski C., Chatterjee C., Lieberman P. M., Lane W. S., Blobel G. A., McMahon S. B. RT The c-MYC oncoprotein is a substrate of the acetyltransferases hGCN5/PCAF and TIP60. RL Mol. Cell. Biol. 24:10826-10834 (2004). RN [6]; RE0048220. RX PUBMED: 12776737. RA Vervoorts J., Luscher-Firzlaff J. M., Rottmann S., Lilischkis R., Walsemann G., Dohmann K., Austen M., Luscher B. RT Stimulation of c-MYC transcriptional activity and acetylation by recruitment of the cofactor CBP. RL EMBO Rep. 4:484-490 (2003). RN [7]; RE0049739. RX PUBMED: 17217336. RA Faiola F., Wu Y. T., Pan S., Zhang K., Farina A., Martinez E. RT Max is acetylated by p300 at several nuclear localization residues. RL Biochem. J. 403:397-407 (2007). RN [8]; RE0050488. RX PUBMED: 15121849. RA Grinberg A. V., Hu C. D., Kerppola T. K. RT Visualization of Myc/Max/Mad family dimers and the competition for dimerization in living cells. RL Mol. Cell. Biol. 24:4294-4308 (2004). RN [9]; RE0021360. RX PUBMED: 10022833. RA De Sepulveda P., Okkenhaug K., Rose J. L., Hawley R. G., Dubreuil P., Rottapel R. RT Socs1 binds to multiple signalling proteins and suppresses steel factor-dependent proliferation RL EMBO J. 18:904-915 (1999). RN [10]; RE0003402. RX PUBMED: 8425219. RA Zervos A. S., Gyuris J., Brent R. RT Mxi1, a protein that specifically interacts with Max to bind Myc-Max recognition sites RL Cell 72:223-232 (1993). XX //