TRANSFAC FACTOR TABLE, Release 2017.2 - public - 2017-06-30, (C) QIAGEN

AC T01493 XX ID T01493 XX DT 09.05.1995 (created); ewi. DT 28.06.2016 (updated); pch. CO Copyright (C), QIAGEN. XX FA STAT3 XX SY acute-phase response factor; APRF; signal transducer and activator of transcription 3; STAT3. XX OS human, Homo sapiens OC eukaryota; animalia; metazoa; chordata; vertebrata; tetrapoda; mammalia; eutheria; primates XX GE G004610 STAT3; HGNC: STAT3. XX CL C0039; STAT; XX SF tyrosine-phosphorylation [3]; SF phosphorylated factor is able to form tetramers on two closely situated DNA sites [10]; SF N-terminal part of STAT3 is involved in tetramer formation [10]; XX CP Phosphorylated STAT3 is highly expressed in MCF7-I4 and MDA-MB-453-I4 [45]; MDA-MB-231,MDA-MB-435s,MDA-MB-468 and MDA-MB-361 [46]; Phosphorylated Stat3 is highly expressed in MDAH2774, Caov-3 [48]. CN Phosphorylated Stat3 is not expressed in A2780, HOSEC [48]. XX FF Wt p53 expression reduces phosphorylated stat3, inhibits Stat3 dependent transcriptional activation and induces apoptosis in breast cancer cells constitutively expressing Stat3 [49]; FF AG490 treatment reduces the expression of phosphorylated Stat3 in Caov3 and MDAH2774, and also induces apoptosis [48]; FF activator; FF activated by EGF and IL-6, not by IFN-gamma, by tyrosine phosphorylation [1] [12]; FF also modified by other cytokines whose receptors share the gp130 component [1]; FF association of STAT3, Jak1 kinase, and gp130 [3]; FF maximal transcriptional activation after additional phosphorylation of Ser-727, possibly by MAP kinase [2]; FF activated by oncostatin M (OSM) in osteoblast cell line [6]; FF induction of tyrosine phosphorylation by thrombopoietin (TPO) in CMK cells [7]; FF LIF stimulation leads to STAT3 activation by phosphorylation, followed by its inactivation through interaction with (newly induced) p21, without effect on its DNA-binding activity [5]; FF induction of tyrosine 705 and serine 727 phosphorylation by LPS [11]; XX IN T00040 AR; human, Homo sapiens. IN T00133 c-Jun; human, Homo sapiens. IN T34781 ErbB1; human, Homo sapiens. IN T01610 HIF-1alpha; human, Homo sapiens. IN T22503 IkappaBzeta; human, Homo sapiens. IN T34270 LSD1; human, Homo sapiens. IN T15045 nanog; human, Homo sapiens. IN T02767 Nur77; human, Homo sapiens. IN T34034 p21Cip1; human, Homo sapiens. IN T01427 p300; human, Homo sapiens. IN T28746 p38IP; human, Homo sapiens. IN T30232 Pkm2; human, Homo sapiens. IN T05351 PPARgamma; human, Homo sapiens. IN T14648 PRDII-BF1; human, Homo sapiens. IN T30231 SIRT1-isoform1; human, Homo sapiens. IN T10683 Smad2; human, Homo sapiens. IN T10378 Smad3; human, Homo sapiens. IN T04632 SRC-1; human, Homo sapiens. IN T04759 STAT1; human, Homo sapiens. IN T01493 STAT3; human, Homo sapiens. IN T00824 TFII-I; human, Homo sapiens. IN T18921 ZFPM2; human, Homo sapiens. XX MX M00225 V$STAT3_01. MX M00497 V$STAT3_02. MX M01595 V$STAT3_03. MX M04829 V$STAT3_06. MX M04933 V$STAT3_07. MX M04959 V$STAT3_08. MX M07229 V$STAT3_10. MX M07065 V$STAT3_Q4. MX M00223 V$STAT_01. MX M00777 V$STAT_Q6. XX BS R12445. BS R20996. BS R42227. BS R64697. BS R64698. BS R29652. BS R59147. BS R24460. BS R24461. BS R27681. BS R66549. BS R63166. BS R60283. BS R15672. BS R27144. BS R26917. BS R26918. BS R12428. BS R68084. BS R14311. BS R42173. BS R34181. BS R29844. BS R69684. BS R69685. BS R37841. BS R64650. BS R72435. BS R73319. BS R63809. BS R63590. BS R30625. BS R28469. BS R29922. BS R29923. BS R29924. BS R68172. BS R08485. BS R26956. BS R29910. BS R37129. BS R41250. BS R40645. BS R69241. BS R64109. BS R64112. BS R64114. BS R66751. BS R66753. BS R22348. BS R64188. BS R64189. BS R64190. BS R73051. BS R36649. BS R58588. BS R28355. BS R57503. BS R25927. BS R25930. BS R61535. BS R14444. BS R29752. BS R26959. BS R25909. BS R11155. BS R35851. BS R35852. BS R73317. BS R22437. BS R04223. BS R13215. BS R67222. BS R34316. BS R66525. BS R65097. BS R65098. BS R65099. BS R65100. BS R65989. BS R56611. BS R56612. BS R61469. BS R68034. BS R68035. BS R56511. BS R71188. BS R68036. BS R64653. BS R73778. BS R29908. BS R63268. BS R63269. BS R34899. BS R14313. BS R25938. BS R25939. BS R62620. BS R29763. BS R33400. BS R64618. BS R73318. BS R19704. BS R64994. BS R66557. BS R41299. BS R16930. BS R69857. BS R39238. BS R13241. BS R62441. BS R73320. BS R70148. BS R65935. BS R65936. BS R27199. BS R66285. BS R32362. BS R32365. BS R62714. BS R56669. BS R56670. BS R56674. BS R56675. BS R73622. BS R62842. BS R32431. BS R65036. BS R16057. BS R24453. BS R66559. BS R68305. BS R29917. BS R56523. BS R29881. BS R20840. BS R64613. BS R64083. BS R24504. BS R73565. BS R16107. BS R73569. BS R29861. BS R19705. BS R29859. BS R73570. BS R73571. BS R73583. BS R13581. BS R73572. BS R73573. BS R16064. BS R73587. BS R04252. BS R14446. BS R15612. BS R38932. BS R74040. BS R26438. BS R29900. BS R04650. BS R04652. BS R14445. XX DR TRANSPATH: MO000013123. DR TRANSCOMPEL: C00179. DR TRANSCOMPEL: C00293. DR TRANSCOMPEL: C00294. DR TRANSCOMPEL: C00295. DR TRANSCOMPEL: C00305. DR TRANSCOMPEL: C00308. DR TRANSCOMPEL: C00407. DR UniProtKB: P40763; XX RN [1]; RE0003506. RX PUBMED: 7512451. RA Akira S., Nishio Y., Inoue M., Wang X. J., Shi W., Matsusaka T., Yoshida K., Sudo T., Naruto M., Kishimoto T. RT Molecular cloning of APRF, a novel IFN-stimulated gene factor 3 p91-related transcription factor involved in the gp130-mediated signaling pathway RL Cell 77:63-71 (1994). RN [2]; RE0003507. RX PUBMED: 7543024. RA Wen Z., Zhong Z., Darnell J. E. RT Maximal activation of transcription by Stat1 and Stat3 requires both tyrosine and serine phosophorylation RL Cell 82:241-250 (1995). RN [3]; RE0003511. RX PUBMED: 8272872. RA Luetticken C., Wegenka U.M., Yuan J., Buschmann J., Schindler C., Ziemiecki A., Harpur A. G., Wilks A. F., Yasukawa K., Taga T., Kishimoto T., Barbieri G., Pellegrini S., Sendtner M., Heinrich P. C., Horn F. RT Association of transcription factor APRF and protein kinase Jak1 with the interleukin-6 transducer gp130 RL Science 263:89-92 (1994). RN [4]; RE0010981. RX PUBMED: 7701321. RA Zhang X., Blenis J., Li H.-C., Schindler C., Chen-Kiang S. RT Requirement of serine phosphorylation for formation of STAT-promoter complexes RL Science 267:1990-1994 (1995). RN [5]; RE0017513. RX PUBMED: 10764767. RA Coqueret O., Gascan H. RT Functional interaction of STAT3 transcription factor with the cell cycle inhibitor p21WAF1/CIP1/SDI1. RL J. Biol. Chem. 275:18794-18800 (2000). RN [6]; RE0017740. RX PUBMED: 9694869. RA Bellido T., O'Brien C. A., Roberson P. K., Manolagas S. C. RT Transcriptional activation of the p21(WAF1,CIP1,SDI1) gene by interleukin-6 type cytokines. A prerequisite for their pro-differentiating and anti-apoptotic effects on human osteoblastic cells. RL J. Biol. Chem. 273:21137-21144 (1998). RN [7]; RE0017746. RX PUBMED: 9111365. RA Matsumura I., Ishikawa J., Nakajima K., Oritani K., Tomiyama Y., Miyagawa J., Kato T., Miyazaki H., Matsuzawa Y., Kanakura Y. RT Thrombopoietin-induced differentiation of a human megakaryoblastic leukemia cell line, CMK, involves transcriptional activation of p21(WAF1/Cip1) by STAT5. RL Mol. Cell. Biol. 17:2933-2943 (1997). RN [8]; RE0020762. RX PUBMED: 11350938. RA Deb A., Zamanian-Daryoush M., Xu Z., Kadereit S., Williams B. R. RT Protein kinase PKR is required for platelet-derived growth factor signaling of c-fos gene expression via Erks and Stat3 RL EMBO J. 20:2487-2496 (2001). RN [9]; RE0023678. RX PUBMED: 11016927. RA Hermanns H. M., Radtke S., Schaper F., Heinrich P. C., Behrmann I. RT Non-redundant signal transduction of interleukin-6-type cytokines. The adapter protein Shc is specifically recruited to rhe oncostatin M receptor. RL J. Biol. Chem. 275:40742-40748 (2000). RN [10]; RE0023690. RX PUBMED: 11438543. RA Zhang X., Darnell JE J. r. RT Functional importance of Stat3 tetramerization in activation of the alpha 2-macroglobulin gene. RL J. Biol. Chem. 276:33576-33581 (2001). RN [11]; RE0023692. RX PUBMED: 10903771. RA Benkhart E. M., Siedlar M., Wedel A., Werner T., Ziegler-Heitbrock H. W. RT Role of Stat3 in lipopolysaccharide-induced IL-10 gene expression. RL J. Immunol. 165:1612-1617 (2000). RN [12]; RE0025196. RX PUBMED: 12600988. RA Yang E., Lerner L., Besser D., Darnell JE J. r. RT Independent and cooperative activation of chromosomal c-fos promoter by STAT3. RL J. Biol. Chem. 278:15794-15799 (2003). RN [13]; RE0027935. RX PUBMED: 11285233. RA Plun-Favreau H., Elson G., Chabbert M., Froger J., deLapeyriere O., Lelievre E., Guillet C., Hermann J., Gauchat J. F., Gascan H., Chevalier S. RT The ciliary neurotrophic factor receptor alpha component induces the secretion of and is required for functional responses to cardiotrophin-like cytokine. RL EMBO J. 20:1692-703 (2001). RN [14]; RE0028385. RX PUBMED: 10660304. RA Yokogami K., Wakisaka S., Avruch J., Reeves S. A. RT Serine phosphorylation and maximal activation of STAT3 during CNTF signaling is mediated by the rapamycin target mTOR. RL Curr. Biol. 10:47-50 (2000). RN [15]; RE0028499. RX PUBMED: 9030543. RA Robledo O., Fourcin M., Chevalier S., Guillet C., Auguste P., Pouplard-Barthelaix A., Pennica D., Gascan H. RT Signaling of the cardiotrophin-1 receptor. Evidence for a third receptor component. RL J. Biol. Chem. 272:4855-63 (1997). RN [16]; RE0028648. RX PUBMED: 11038252. RA Halfter H., Postert C., Friedrich M., Ringelstein E. B., Stogbauer F. RT Activation of the Jak-Stat- and MAPK-pathways by oncostatin M is not sufficient to cause growth inhibition of human glioma cells. RL Brain Res. Mol. Brain Res. 80:198-206 (2000). RN [17]; RE0029151. RX PUBMED: 11773079. RA Giraud S., Bienvenu F., Avril S., Gascan H., Heery D. M., Coqueret O. RT Functional interaction of STAT3 transcription factor with the coactivator NcoA/SRC1a. RL J. Biol. Chem. 277:8004-11 (2002). RN [18]; RE0029260. RX PUBMED: 11943154. RA He W., Gong K., Zhu G., Smith D. K., Ip N. Y. RT Membrane distal cytokine binding domain of LIFR interacts with soluble CNTFR in vitro. RL FEBS Lett. 514:214-8 (2002). RN [19]; RE0030568. RX PUBMED: 12959977. RA Duplomb L., Chaigne-Delalande B., Vusio P., Raher S., Jacques Y., Godard A., Blanchard F. RT Soluble mannose 6-phosphate/insulin-like growth factor II (IGF-II) receptor inhibits interleukin-6-type cytokine-dependent proliferation by neutralization of IGF-II. RL Endocrinology 144:5381-9 (2003). RN [20]; RE0031643. RX PUBMED: 11821958. RA Grant S. L., Hammacher A., Douglas A. M., Goss G. A., Mansfield R. K., Heath J. K., Begley C. G. RT An unexpected biochemical and functional interaction between gp130 and the EGF receptor family in breast cancer cells. RL Oncogene 21:460-74 (2002). RN [21]; RE0032617. RX PUBMED: 14975242. RA Wang L. H., Yang X. Y., Zhang X., Huang J., Hou J., Li J., Xiong H., Mihalic K., Zhu H., Xiao W., Farrar W. L. RT Transcriptional inactivation of STAT3 by PPARgamma suppresses IL-6-responsive multiple myeloma cells. RL Immunity 20:205-18 (2004). RN [22]; RE0032828. RX PUBMED: 11801527. RA Miscia S., Marchisio M., Grilli A., Di Valerio V., Centurione L., Sabatino G., Garaci F., Zauli G., Bonvini E., Di Baldassarre A. RT Tumor necrosis factor alpha (TNF-alpha) activates Jak1/Stat3-Stat5B signaling through TNFR-1 in human B cells. RL Cell Growth Differ. 13:13-8 (2002). RN [23]; RE0041352. RX PUBMED: 11254359. RA Ilan N., Cheung L., Miller S., Mohsenin A., Tucker A., Madri J. A. RT Pecam-1 is a modulator of stat family member phosphorylation and localization: lessons from a transgenic mouse RL Dev. Biol. 232:219-32 (2001). RN [24]; RE0041903. RX PUBMED: 9422769. RA Al-Shami A., Mahanna W., Naccache P. H. RT Granulocyte-macrophage colony-stimulating factor-activated signaling pathways in human neutrophils. Selective activation of Jak2, Stat3, and Stat5b RL J. Biol. Chem. 273:1058-63 (1998). RN [25]; RE0041933. RX PUBMED: 11163768. RA Gao B., Shen X., Kunos G., Meng Q., Goldberg I. D., Rosen E. M., Fan S. RT Constitutive activation of JAK-STAT3 signaling by BRCA1 in human prostate cancer cells RL FEBS Lett. 488:179-184 (2001). RN [26]; RE0043317. RX PUBMED: 12023369. RA Parham C., Chirica M., Timans J., Vaisberg E., Travis M., Cheung J., Pflanz S., Zhang R., Singh K. P., Vega F., To W., Wagner J., O'Farrell A. M., McClanahan T., Zurawski S., Hannum C., Gorman D., Rennick D. M., Kastelein R. A., de Waal Malefyt R., Moore K. W. RT A receptor for the heterodimeric cytokine IL-23 is composed of IL-12Rbeta1 and a novel cytokine receptor subunit, IL-23R RL J. Immunol. 168:5699-708 (2002). RN [27]; RE0046475. RX PUBMED: 12552091. RA Leung K. C., Doyle N., Ballesteros M., Sjogren K., Watts C. K., Low T. H., Leong G. M., Ross R. J., Ho K. K. 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RL Cancer Res. 65:5571-5577 (2005). RN [31]; RE0048007. RX PUBMED: 12235142. RA Shah M., Patel K., Fried V. A., Sehgal P. B. RT Interactions of STAT3 with caveolin-1 and heat shock protein 90 in plasma membrane raft and cytosolic complexes. Preservation of cytokine signaling during fever. RL J. Biol. Chem. 277:45662-45669 (2002). RN [32]; RE0048132. RX PUBMED: 9845531. RA Ozaki K., Oda A., Wakao H., Rhodes J., Druker B. J., Ishida A., Wakui M., Okamoto S., Morita K., Handa M., Komatsu N., Ohashi H., Miyajima A., Ikeda Y. RT Thrombopoietin induces association of Crkl with STAT5 but not STAT3 in human platelets. RL Blood 92:4652-4662 (1998). RN [33]; RE0049315. RX PUBMED: 11322786. RA Matsuda T., Junicho A., Yamamoto T., Kishi H., Korkmaz K., Saatcioglu F., Fuse H., Muraguchi A. RT Cross-talk between signal transducer and activator of transcription 3 and androgen receptor signaling in prostate carcinoma cells. RL Biochem. Biophys. Res. Commun. 283:179-187 (2001). RN [34]; RE0049337. RX PUBMED: 14993658. RA MacDonald A., Crowder K., Street A., McCormick C., Harris M. RT The hepatitis C virus NS5A protein binds to members of the Src family of tyrosine kinases and regulates kinase activity. RL J. Gen. Virol. 85:721-729 (2004). RN [35]; RE0049465. RX PUBMED: 16273093. RA Jones R. B., Gordus A., Krall J. A., MacBeath G. RT A quantitative protein interaction network for the ErbB receptors using protein microarrays. RL Nature 439:168-174 (2006). RN [36]; RE0049596. RX PUBMED: 15063116. RA Sarcar B., Ghosh A. K., Steele R., Ray R., Ray R. B. RT Hepatitis C virus NS5A mediated STAT3 activation requires co-operation of Jak1 kinase. RL Virology 322:51-60 (2004). RN [37]; RE0050457. RX PUBMED: 16636048. RA Darnowski J. W., Goulette F. A., Guan Y. J., Chatterjee D., Yang Z. F., Cousens L. P., Chin Y. E. RT Stat3 cleavage by caspases: impact on full-length Stat3 expression, fragment formation, and transcriptional activity. RL J. Biol. Chem. 281:17707-17717 (2006). RN [38]; RE0050815. RX PUBMED: 12873986. RA Shao H., Cheng H. Y., Cook R. G., Tweardy D. J. RT Identification and characterization of signal transducer and activator of transcription 3 recruitment sites within the epidermal growth factor receptor. RL Cancer Res. 63:3923-3930 (2003). RN [39]; RE0050848. RX PUBMED: 12771142. RA Xi S., Zhang Q., Dyer K. F., Lerner E. C., Smithgall T. E., Gooding W. E., Kamens J., Grandis J. R. RT Src kinases mediate STAT growth pathways in squamous cell carcinoma of the head and neck. RL J. Biol. Chem. 278:31574-31583 (2003). RN [40]; RE0050918. RX PUBMED: 17054914. RA Uotani S., Abe T., Yamaguchi Y. RT Leptin activates AMP-activated protein kinase in hepatic cells via a JAK2-dependent pathway. RL Biochem. Biophys. Res. Commun. 351:171-175 (2006). RN [41]; RE0050920. RX PUBMED: 12684395. RA Anido J., Matar P., Albanell J., Guzman M., Rojo F., Arribas J., Averbuch S., Baselga J. RT ZD1839, a specific epidermal growth factor receptor (EGFR) tyrosine kinase inhibitor, induces the formation of inactive EGFR/HER2 and EGFR/HER3 heterodimers and prevents heregulin signaling in HER2-overexpressing breast cancer cells. RL Clin. Cancer Res. 9:1274-1283 (2003). RN [42]; RE0051288. RX PUBMED: 9038364. RA Nakashima K., Narazaki M., Taga T. RT Leptin receptor (OB-R) oligomerizes with itself but not with its closely related cytokine signal transducer gp130. RL FEBS Lett. 403:79-82 (1997). RN [43]; RE0051886. RX PUBMED: 17070988. RA Motta M., Accornero P., Taulli R., Bernabei P., Desrivieres S., Baratta M. RT Leptin enhances STAT-3 phosphorylation in HC11 cell line: effect on cell differentiation and cell viability. RL Mol. Cell. Endocrinol. 263:149-155 (2007). RN [44]; RE0052747. RX PUBMED: 16782820. RA Rousseau F., Gauchat J. F., McLeod J. G., Chevalier S., Guillet C., Guilhot F., Cognet I., Froger J., Hahn A. F., Knappskog P. M., Gascan H., Boman H. RT Inactivation of cardiotrophin-like cytokine, a second ligand for ciliary neurotrophic factor receptor, leads to cold-induced sweating syndrome in a patient. RL Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA 103:10068-10073 (2006). RN [45]; RE0053065. RX PUBMED: 18353781. RA Cheng G. Z., Zhang W., Sun M., Wang Q., Coppola D., Mansour M., Xu L., Costanzo C., Cheng J. Q., Wang L. H. RT Twist Is Transcriptionally Induced by Activation of STAT3 and Mediates STAT3 Oncogenic Function. RL J. Biol. Chem. 283:14665-14673 (2008). RN [46]; RE0053069. RX PUBMED: 16397018. RA Gritsko T., Williams A., Turkson J., Kaneko S., Bowman T., Huang M., Nam S., Eweis I., Diaz N., Sullivan D., Yoder S., Enkemann S., Eschrich S., Lee J. H., Beam C. A., Cheng J., Minton S., Muro-Cacho C. A., Jove R. RT Persistent activation of stat3 signaling induces survivin gene expression and confers resistance to apoptosis in human breast cancer cells. RL Clin. Cancer Res. 12:11-19 (2006). RN [47]; RE0053141. RX PUBMED: 17121912. RA Kim K. 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