TRANSFAC FACTOR TABLE, Release 2017.2 - public - 2017-06-30, (C) QIAGEN

AC T00207 XX ID T00207 XX DT 20.10.1992 (created); ewi. DT 03.06.2015 (updated); jmh. CO Copyright (C), QIAGEN. XX FA E47 XX SY BCF-1; E2A; E2A-E47; E2A.E47; E47. XX OS human, Homo sapiens OC eukaryota; animalia; metazoa; chordata; vertebrata; tetrapoda; mammalia; eutheria; primates XX GE G003922 TCF3; HGNC: TCF3. XX CL C0010; bHLH; XX SZ 651 AA; 67.3 kDa (cDNA) (calc.). XX SQ MNQPQRMAPVGTDKELSDLLDFSMMFPLPVTNGKGRPASLAGAQFGGSGLEDRPSSGSWG SQ SGDQSSSSFDPSRTFSEGTHFTESHSSLSSSTFLGPGLGGKSGERGAYASFGRDAGVGGL SQ TQAGFLSGELALNSPGPLSPSGMKGTSQYYPSYSGSSRRRAADGSLDTQPKKVRKVPPGL SQ PSSVYPPSSGEDYGRDATAYPSAKTPSSTYPAPFYVADGSLHPSAELWSPPGQAGFGPML SQ GGGSSPLPLPPGSGPVGSSGSSSTFGGLHQHERMGYQLHGAEVNGGLPSASSFSSAPGAT SQ YGGVSSHTPPVSGADSLLGSRGTTAGSSGDALGKALASIYSPDHSSNNFSSSPSTPVGSP SQ QGLAGTSQWPRAGAPGALSPSYDGGLHGLQSKIEDHLDEAIHVLRSHAVGTAGDMHTLLP SQ GHGALASGFTGPMSLGGRHAGLVGGSHPEDGLAGSTSLMHNHAALPSQPGTLPDLSRPPD SQ SYSGLGRAGATAAASEIKREEKEDEENTSAADHSEEEKKELKAPRARTSSTDEVLSLEEK SQ DLRDRERRMANNARERVRVRDINEAFRELGRMCQMHLKSDKAQTKLLILQQAVQVILGLE SQ QQVRERNLNPKAACLKRREEEKVSGVVGDPQMVLSAPHPGLSEAHNPAGHM XX SC reconstituted from hE12 (common N- and C-termini) and conceptually translated fragments from EMBL/GenBank/DDBJ #M65214 and #M24404 XX FT 1 83 trans-activation domain [15]. FT 345 408 trans-activation domain [15]. FT 544 600 PS50888; HLH. FT 547 600 PF00010; Helix-loop-helix DNA-binding domain. FT 552 605 SM00353; finulus. XX SF basic region contacts DNA, HLH domain is the dimerization interface [12]; SF binds DNA avidly as homodimer (contrasting to E12), or as heterodimer [5]; SF from crystal structure: dimerization domain forms a parallel four-helix-bundle [18]; SF helix 1 is one turn longer than in other bHLH proteins and does not terminate with a proline, the additional turn allowing a salt bridge to form between H576 (at the end of helix 1) and E600 of helix 2 of the other E47 peptide [18]; SF trans-activation domain is identical with that of E12; SF that around 345-408 is targeted by the bZIP of c-Jun when repressing activation by E2A proteins [21]; XX CP ubiquitous. XX FF part of MEF-1 complex; FF induces hyperphosphorylation of MyoD upon association; FF induces transcription of IgH, but also of IgH-stimulating Oct-2 gene, and recombination-activating genes RAG-1 and -2 thus stimulating IgH rearrangement as well [9]; FF in acute lymphoblastic leukemias, a t(1,19)(q23,p13.3) translocation fuses the trans-activation domain encoded by the E2A gene with the homeobox of PBX1 [16] [4] [8]; FF the chimeric E2A-PBX1 protein, resulting from a translocation, causes acute myeloid leukemia and induces enhanced proliferation as well as apoptosis [17] [20]; XX IN T00003 AS-C T3; fruit fly, Drosophila melanogaster. IN T01629 Atoh2; mouse, Mus musculus. IN T19849 ATOH8; human, Homo sapiens. IN T23535 BHLHA15; human, Homo sapiens. IN T25648 chchd3; human, Homo sapiens. IN T00204 E12; human, Homo sapiens. IN T00675 E12; rat, Rattus norvegicus. IN T01787 E12; clawed frog, Xenopus laevis. IN T15605 E2A; human, Homo sapiens. IN T00207 E47; human, Homo sapiens. IN T01569 EHAND; mouse, Mus musculus. IN T34276 Gemin-3; human, Homo sapiens. IN T01447 HEN1; rat, Rattus norvegicus. IN T01656 HEN2; human, Homo sapiens. IN T01652 HES-5; rat, Rattus norvegicus. IN T00403 Id1; mouse, Mus musculus. IN T14419 Id1; human, Homo sapiens. IN T00404 Id2; mouse, Mus musculus. IN T01212 Id2; human, Homo sapiens. IN T09198 Id3; mouse, Mus musculus. IN T09205 Id3; human, Homo sapiens. IN T01658 IDB4; mouse, Mus musculus. IN T22493 IDB4; human, Homo sapiens. IN T34270 LSD1; human, Homo sapiens. IN T10018 Lyl-1; human, Homo sapiens. IN T00512 MRF4; rat, Rattus norvegicus. IN T00521 Myf-5; human, Homo sapiens. IN T00949 Myf-5; clawed frog, Xenopus laevis. IN T00522 Myf-6; human, Homo sapiens. IN T00524 MyoD; clawed frog, Xenopus laevis. IN T00525 MyoD; human, Homo sapiens. IN T00526 MyoD; mouse, Mus musculus. IN T00527 MyoD; monkey, Cercopithecus aethiops. IN T01128 MyoD; chick, Gallus gallus. IN T00520 Myogenin; human, Homo sapiens. IN T00528 myogenin; mouse, Mus musculus. IN T10831 Myogenin; Mammalia. IN T01634 NeuroD; hamster, Cricetulus sp. IN T22425 RCOR1; human, Homo sapiens. IN T01799 Tal-1; mouse, Mus musculus. IN T27798 Tal-1; Mammalia. IN T01630 Tal-2; human, Homo sapiens. IN T01631 Tal-2; mouse, Mus musculus. IN T01448 Tal1-PP22; human, Homo sapiens. IN T00790 Tal1-PP42; human, Homo sapiens. IN T04913 TWIST; human, Homo sapiens. XX MX M00693 V$E12_Q6. MX M00804 V$E2A_Q2. MX M00973 V$E2A_Q6. MX M02088 V$E2A_Q6_01. MX M07353 V$E2A_Q6_02. MX M00002 V$E47_01. MX M00071 V$E47_02. MX M01034 V$EBOX_Q6_01. MX M00222 V$HAND1E47_01. MX M00929 V$MYOD_Q6_01. MX M00066 V$TAL1ALPHAE47_01. MX M00065 V$TAL1BETAE47_01. XX BS R05108. BS R05109. BS R05110. BS R05111. BS R05112. BS R05113. BS R05114. BS R05115. BS R05116. BS R05117. BS R05118. BS R18523. BS R18524. BS R18525. BS R18526. BS R04157. BS R07524. BS R07525. BS R07526. BS R07527. BS R07528. BS R07529. BS R07530. BS R07531. BS R07532. BS R07533. BS R07534. BS R07535. BS R07536. BS R07537. BS R07538. BS R07539. BS R07540. BS R07541. BS R07542. BS R07543. BS R07544. BS R07545. BS R07546. BS R07547. BS R07548. BS R07549. BS R07550. BS R07551. BS R07552. BS R02139. BS R04523. BS R39582. BS R32066. BS R40044. BS R00460. BS R18521. BS R18522. BS R68061. BS R68062. BS R73996. BS R00850. BS R04158. BS R00881. BS R00882. BS R00884. BS R00241. BS R00242. BS R00913. BS R04712. XX DR TRANSPATH: MO000024773. DR TRANSCOMPEL: C00248. DR TRANSCOMPEL: C00474. DR EMBL: M24404; DR EMBL: M65214; DR UniProtKB: P15923-2; DR PDB: 1hlh. XX RN [1]; RE0000053. RX PUBMED: 2503252. RA Murre C., McCaw P. S., Vaessin H., Caudy M., Jan L. Y., Jan Y. N., Cabrera C. V., Buskin J. N., Hauschka S. D., Lassar A. B., Weintraub H., Baltimore D. RT Interactions between heterologous helix-loop-helix proteins generate complexes that bind specifically to a common DNA sequence RL Cell 58:537-544 (1989). RN [2]; RE0000055. RX PUBMED: 2156629. RA Benezra R., Davis R. L., Lockshon D., Turner D. L., Weintraub H. RT The protein Id: a negative regulator of helix-loop-helix DNA binding proteins RL Cell 61:49-59 (1990). RN [3]; RE0000092. RX PUBMED: 2493990. RA Murre C., McCaw P. S., Baltimore D. RT A new DNA binding and dimerization motif in immunoglobulin enhancer binding, daughterless, MyoD, and myc proteins RL Cell 56:777-783 (1989). RN [4]; RE0000161. RX PUBMED: 1967982. RA Nourse J., Mellentin J. D., Galili N., Wilkinson J., Stanbridge E., Smith S. D., Cleary M. L. RT Chromosomal translocation t(1;19) results in synthesis of a homeobox fusion mRNA that codes for a potential chimeric transcription factor RL Cell 60:535-545 (1990). RN [5]; RE0000231. RX PUBMED: 1846322. RA Sun X.-H., Baltimore D. RT An inhibitory domain of E12 transcription factor prevents DNA binding in E12 homodimers but not in E12 heterodimers RL Cell 64:459-470 (1991). RN [6]; RE0000238. RX PUBMED: 1649701. RA Lassar A. B., Davis R. L., Wright W. E., Kadesch T., Murre C., Voronova A., Baltimore D., Weintraub H. RT Functional activity of myogenic HLH proteins requires hetero-oligomerization with E12/E47-like proteins in vivo RL Cell 66:305-315 (1991). RN [7]; RE0000670. RX PUBMED: 1899229. RA Ruezinsky D., Beckmann H., Kadesh T. RT Modulation of the Igh enhancer's cell type through a genetic switch RL Genes Dev. 5:29-37 (1991). RN [8]; RE0000671. RX PUBMED: 1672117. RA Kamps M. P., Look A. T., Baltimore D. RT The human t(1;19) translocation in pre-B ALL produces multiple nuclear E2A-Pbx1 fusion proteins with differing transforming potentials RL Genes Dev. 5:358-368 (1991). RN [9]; RE0000672. RX PUBMED: 1714414. RA Schlissel M., Voronova A., Baltimore D. RT Helix-loop-helix transcription factor E47 activates germ-line immunoglobulin heavy-chain gene transcription and rearrangement in a pre-T-cell line RL Genes Dev. 5:1367-1376 (1991). RN [10]; RE0001469. RX PUBMED: 1990271. RA Murre C., Voronova A., Baltimore D. 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RN [22]; RE0012509. RX PUBMED: 8759016. RA Loveys D. A., Streiff M. B., Kato G. J. RT E2A basic-helix-loop-helix transcription factors are negatively regulated by serum growth factors and by the ld3 protein RL Nucleic Acids Res. 24:2813-2820 (1996). RN [23]; RE0012731. RX PUBMED: 8628307. RA Miyamoto A., Cui X., Naumovski L., Cleary M. L. RT Helix-loop-helix proteins LYL1 and E2a form heterodimeric complexes with distinctive DNA-binding properties in hematolymphoid cells RL Mol. Cell. Biol. 16:2394-2401 (1996). RN [24]; RE0049034. RX PUBMED: 10781029. RA Neufeld B., Grosse-Wilde A., Hoffmeyer A., Jordan B. W., Chen P., Dinev D., Ludwig S., Rapp U. R. RT Serine/Threonine kinases 3pK and MAPK-activated protein kinase 2 interact with the basic helix-loop-helix transcription factor E47 and repress its transcriptional activity. RL J. Biol. Chem. 275:20239-20242 (2000). RN [25]; RE0049178. RX PUBMED: 15314159. RA Schlaeger T. M., Schuh A., Flitter S., Fisher A., Mikkola H., Orkin S. H., Vyas P., Porcher C. RT Decoding hematopoietic specificity in the helix-loop-helix domain of the transcription factor SCL/Tal-1. RL Mol. Cell. Biol. 24:7491-7502 (2004). XX //